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Family Photography | The C Family

Meet the C family! They stuck it out through the chill in the morning air on Saturday and we got some great shots! They were just the cutest family ever and I enjoyed every minute of their session!! Check out some of my favorites : )

2013-04-06_0001 2013-04-07_0001 2013-04-07_0002 2013-04-07_0003 2013-04-07_0004 2013-04-07_0005 2013-04-07_0006 2013-04-07_0007 2013-04-07_0008 2013-04-07_0009 2013-04-07_0010 2013-04-07_0011 2013-04-07_0012 2013-04-07_0013 2013-04-07_0014 2013-04-07_0015 2013-04-07_0016 2013-04-07_0017 2013-04-07_0018 2013-04-07_0019 2013-04-07_0020 2013-04-07_0021 2013-04-07_0022 2013-04-07_0023


Event Photographer | Shae’s Sweet 16

This past Friday was Shae’s sweet 16 party! Complete with candy bar and disco ball! After a sit down dinner Shae and her friends danced the night away!

Venue: The Links Golf Club


Photography: Bella Life Photography

2013-04-02_0001 2013-04-02_0002 2013-04-02_0003 2013-04-02_0004 2013-04-02_0005 2013-04-02_0006 2013-04-02_0007 2013-04-02_0008 2013-04-02_0009 2013-04-02_0010 2013-04-02_0011

South Jersey Photography | Support The Ronald McDonald House

Hey guys! Happy Friday!! As some of you may know this weekend is the American Girl Fashion Show with Ronald McDonald!! If you’re not attending the show or would like to give back to the Ronald House check out the information below!!¬†SpringPromo

The Roaring 20s | Commercial & Event Photographer

Back in December J & I shot an event at Wyngate at Medford¬†for Bob Meyer Communities¬†. It was an absolute blast and EVERYONE involved had such a great time! There were even entertainers, can you guess who they are from the photos below?! Check out the details and outfits below, and don’t forget to head over to their page on facebook to check out the newest happenings!

2012-12-04_0001 2012-12-04_0002 2012-12-04_0003 2012-12-04_0004 2012-12-04_0005 2012-12-04_0006 2012-12-04_0007 2012-12-04_0008 2012-12-04_0009 2012-12-04_0010 2012-12-04_0011 2012-12-04_0012 2012-12-04_0013 2012-12-04_0014 2012-12-04_0015 2012-12-04_0016 2012-12-04_0017 2012-12-04_0018 2012-12-04_0019 2012-12-04_0020 2012-12-04_0021 2012-12-04_0022 2012-12-04_0023 2012-12-04_0024


When I get stuck on what to blog, or I can’t find the words I’m looking for, I re-read emails, or look at past blog posts for inspirations. Today I went back into old emails, although this email was fairly recent and I found this,
“just know its there and Im there and trust it.”
It’s hard sometimes to express what I’m really feeling or thinking, let alone to trust someone else with those thoughts and feelings. So when I sent an email to a close friend a few days ago, I was of course unsure that she would understand what I was trying to convey to her. But instead of judging me or questioning me, she sent me back simplicity. In 10 words she said everything that I needed to hear, she summed up the only thing that truly mattered, and that was our friendship. Trust it. That’s all she asked of me. “Just know its there and Im there and trust it.”
Simplicity. We all need more friendships like this one and we all need more simplicity.