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Family Photography | The C Family

Meet the C family! They stuck it out through the chill in the morning air on Saturday and we got some great shots! They were just the cutest family ever and I enjoyed every minute of their session!! Check out some of my favorites : )

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Meet the C Family

Meet the C Family! When I first got the e-mail for this shoot I was super excited and nervous at the same time. A few months ago I did a shoot for the Cleaver family. Right off the bat Heather told me, “My husband and I don’t want to be in it, we just want the 6 kids and the puppy”. So with the help of Marisa and Heather I managed to get some pretty great shots, but when I read the email from this new C family they informed me that they wanted me to come alone. I was skeptical because I usually bring help, but agreed to do the shoot. Did those kids prove me wrong or what!! They were great, right down to the baby! (even when she was crying, it looked adorable). So here are a few teasers! Enjoy!

The C Family is also featured right now as our blog header!!