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Free Write | Happiness

I’m starting this month off right. I’m retraining my brain. I’m CHOOSING to be happy. We hear so many times that we’re only given one life to live and we take that with a grain of salt and throw it over our shoulder. Instead we should be hearing the actual severity of that statement and bringing it to light. We really do only have ONE life to live. to live. those two words are so incredibly important.

It is one thing to exist in life but it is another to live it. How we look at things, how we respond to things. How we hear and believe things makes all the difference.

Who we are and who we become is up to us. We get to make that call. We get to choose that path. We get to write that story. How it begins may not have been our choice but where it goes from here we get to determine all for ourselves.

Be grateful for what you have. Be consistently happy with where you’re going. Strive to make yourself better every day.

And guess what? One day you’ll wake up so happy, you’ll forget how to feel any other way.

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Writing From the Past

There are days I finally feel comfortable in my surroundings. There are moments I think everything has finally fallen into place. And there are seconds when anger sets in only to be replaced momentarily with a threatening brim of water in my eyes.

I am tired. Tired of broken promises, tired of replaced plans, tired of being left in the dust. And so you say, do something about it! So I do, and again I face those broken promises, replaced plans and a ball of dust in my face.

Maybe I’m the common factor in this equation? I really thought I was doing better. I really thought I was facing my struggles. I really thought I had friends who cared.

But tonight I faced those same broken promises, replaced plans and a ball of dust in my face. I struggled with momentary anger followed by a threatening brim of water in my eyes, and I wondered, why am I not good enough? What does everyone else have that I don’t?

And this feeling of utter loneliness crept in and decided to stay the night. And if I’m lucky it will leave in the morning. There are no promises though, and if there were I probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.

So I ask myself again, why am I not good enough? What does everyone else have that I don’t? Is my heart only made for breaking?

If you find the answers be a dear and pass them along. I’ll be waiting.

American Girl Fashion Show | South Jersey Event Photographer

Two weekends ago J and I shot the American Girl Fashion Show with The Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey!! This was my third time shooting the show and each year gets better and better!! It is such a great cause and the girls have so much fun! Find out more information about the Ronald House of SJ here

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Free Write | Like A Ferris Wheel

The way my story goes feels like a ferris wheel. One that never stops spinning and yet somehow manages to let people off – or out of my story. Sometimes I wish I could get off the ferris wheel and create a new story for myself…but then I remember how far I’ve come.

To say that I am 100% where I want to be in my life at this moment would be a lie. Most people would probably agree that they aren’t where they want to be either. Yet we keep forging on, writing page after page, crossing out and erasing what we don’t want to include. And the chapters begin to grow. Or maybe they don’t because you have writers block and just don’t know how to make that one chapter end. So you keep spinning around on the ferris wheel waiting for someone to stop it for you. But it doesn’t happen. Not for me, or you, or the president or even God. Because if someone stopped the ferris wheel for you they would be writing the end of that chapter and the story would blend between theirs and your own.

I’ve been a writer since as long as I can remember and a huge part of that came from needing an escape. Although the story I keep adding to all these years later is my own, somehow writing it made it feel less like I was living it. And the more painful or tragic things that happened in my life, the longer my chapters got, the thicker my story became.

As I continue to learn the secrets this life holds for us I realize that most of the story has been about the things that happened in my life that I couldn’t control. The more things I couldn’t stop from happening the more I wrote. The more I was affected by the stories around me the more narrow mine became.

Recently I haven’t written much and that scares me because what if my ability to write only comes out of the bad things that have happened or may happen to me? What if my story continues to stay on a narrow path? Who is in control of my story then? Who decides how my chapters end?

My ferris wheel of a life is still spinning and it probably always will be because the person I am cares to much, loves with every fiber in my body, and puts herself out there to help anyone who needs it. The difference now is that my ferris wheel is going to include a much prettier view and my story will broaden and I will choose how my chapters end.

Not every day is going to be wonderful but that doesn’t mean my story shouldn’t be.


Every Day Life | Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy birthday to the bestest mommy ever! You have done such an amazing job with the four of us and we owe you for everything we’ve accomplished so far in our lives. None of us say it enough but THANK YOU. Thank you for all the you’ve done and continue to do for us! I hope you have an awesome birthday and a year full of happiness!! We love you mom!



Every Day Life | Half The Battle

I didn’t intend for this blog to become so much about writing. So much about me and my personal struggles. I didn’t intend that these struggles would have so little to do with photography or specifically, my photography. I didn’t intend to share with the Internet how life can really pull us down and bring us back up, all at the same time.

I didn’t intend……but it happened.

And it’s ok that it happened because sharing who I am is half the battle. Being open and communicative is half the battle. Shedding light on the truth is half the battle.

The next few weeks are jam packed with shooting (thank the Lord J will be by my side!), coffee dates, helping one of my best friends plan her wedding and hopefully having some fun : ) So if you see a little more writing on the blog this month, know that the photos are a comin’ so keep on checking back, and if you feel the desire to read and follow along on my journey I am blessed to have you!



Every Day Life | Half Empty With The Lid Off

Yesterday morning I sat at my friend’s kitchen counter, one foot crossed under me and the other resting on the bottom bar of the stool. In front of me was a cup of coffee, half empty with the lid off.

He sat next to me and asked me again, “What do you want?”

I looked at him and laughed, what I want isn’t realistic.

Suddenly, there was a pad of paper and a pen in front of me on the counter. “Write your list.”


“Why? Does writing it down mean it’s set in stone? How long is life?”

What kind of question is that!?

“Exactly, you don’t know. So you have to do the things you want now, while you can. I think you worry about what other people think but it doesn’t matter what they think. It only matters what you think.”

I didn’t write my list yesterday, but I promised I’d go back and write it this week. I thanked him later in the day with two simple words: thank you. And he knew that I was thanking him with those two words for being the friend to push me, for standing by my side and telling me I can do anything I put my mind too. For calling bullshit on me when he knows I’m just afraid, for letting me sit at his kitchen counter, one foot crossed under me and the other resting on the bottom bar of the stool. In front of me a cup of coffee, half empty with the lid off….


Child Photographer | Happy Heart Day

Yesterday, I took some last minute shots of the kids for their parents as a surprise for HEART DAY!! SHHHHH!!!!!! It was a get-what-I-can kind of shoot! Today, I’m sharing some of the photos that are going to be used as Valentine’s : )

Happy Heart Day!

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Newborn Photographer | Kaycee

Meet Kaycee! This little munchkin is already forming her own personality. At only 9 days old she did not want to sleep for her photo shoot! But by the end of the session we managed to get her dow n for some sleepy photos : ) Congrats to Kaycee’s mommy and daddy!!


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Every Day Life | Free Write

I looked over in the dark, the clock read 5:00 AM. That is not an hour I wanted to see unless necessary. I rolled over, still wide awake. I contemplated staying snug in bed until I had to start my day. I looked over in the dark again, the clock read 6:48 AM. Quietly and quickly I got out of bed, threw on my uggs and grabbed my camera bag. Maybe I could still make the sunrise. Maybe. One more look over my should before I left the house and I walked back to the dresser to get my grandparents wedding rings. You never know what might inspire you.

The type of sunrise I wanted wasn’t coming and although I got some decent shots of the sky it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Back in the car I raced to follow the sun and get a better view before it fully rose up. Racing to get the perfect shot.

And then I had another thought.

What if I’m living my life this way? Chasing something I can never really reach. Chasing something I think is better without stopping to enjoy what I already have. What if time is slipping through my rearview mirror and only now am I realizing it? I started toward home, following the sun only with my eyes.

Just because something is behind you doesn’t mean it is bad or that you lost it, it just means that part of you is moving on to bigger and better things. And just because you want to chase a bigger and better thing doesn’t mean you should overlook what you have.

So when the sun is rising in front of your eyes, enjoy the view while you can because pretty soon it will be behind you waiting for its next chance to catch your eye.