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Family Photography | The C Family

Meet the C family! They stuck it out through the chill in the morning air on Saturday and we got some great shots! They were just the cutest family ever and I enjoyed every minute of their session!! Check out some of my favorites : )

2013-04-06_0001 2013-04-07_0001 2013-04-07_0002 2013-04-07_0003 2013-04-07_0004 2013-04-07_0005 2013-04-07_0006 2013-04-07_0007 2013-04-07_0008 2013-04-07_0009 2013-04-07_0010 2013-04-07_0011 2013-04-07_0012 2013-04-07_0013 2013-04-07_0014 2013-04-07_0015 2013-04-07_0016 2013-04-07_0017 2013-04-07_0018 2013-04-07_0019 2013-04-07_0020 2013-04-07_0021 2013-04-07_0022 2013-04-07_0023


Hillmann Family | Family Photographer

I’m sure you are all familiar with Ryan and Julia at this point! They have continuously made the blog throughout the years and this time their mom and step-dad jumped in for a few shots! I can NOT believe how big these two have gotten!! I still think of Jul as a little 3 year old with curly hair!!

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway to the weekend : )

2013-03-05_0001 2013-03-05_0002 2013-03-05_0003 2013-03-05_0004 2013-03-05_0005 2013-03-05_0006 2013-03-05_0007 2013-03-05_0008 2013-03-05_0009 2013-03-05_0010

Every Day Life | Happy Birthday Mommy

Happy birthday to the bestest mommy ever! You have done such an amazing job with the four of us and we owe you for everything we’ve accomplished so far in our lives. None of us say it enough but THANK YOU. Thank you for all the you’ve done and continue to do for us! I hope you have an awesome birthday and a year full of happiness!! We love you mom!



Family Photographer | The Hernandez Family

I have know this family for almost my entire life! My dad and Carlos have been friends for years! I am SO happy that I was able to capture this beautiful family’s true personality. Keep you eye out for the multiple *FACES* the littlest one makes ; )

2012-12-20_0001 2012-12-20_0003

Thanks for catching this FACE, J – and all the other great photos you took! 2012-12-20_0004 2012-12-20_0006 2012-12-20_0007 2012-12-20_0009 2012-12-20_0010 2012-12-20_0012 2012-12-20_0014 2012-12-20_0017 2012-12-20_0018

This was the I’M SO HAPPY THE SHOOT IS OVER dance : )2012-12-20_0026