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Pet Photography | Puppy Love

The puppies are on the blog today!! They recently took a visit to the groomer and came back looking adorable, with Halloween handkerchiefs and all  : )  It’s been crazy over here trying to get things done so today I’m tackling the TO DO list.

Enjoy the cuteness!!

Every Day Life: Happy Saturday!

These two cuties came back from the groomer a few weeks ago “dressed in their finest”!! They are ready for fall and so am I! Enjoy some pictures of my puppies, I’m off to shoot Caity’s Bridal Shower!! 🙂

How adorable are those pigtales!!!He is soo handsome (this one is my baby) Love him so much!

Every Day Life: Mia

Yesterday, I took a walk with my sister and her puppy (and my mom!) This will definitely be on my “goals” list for March! While we were on a walk, I snapped a few shots of my sister…she is getting SO big!! Enjoy the double post today : )

Not sure what this face was about…

Princess got a little thirsty on our walk so she stopped to take a sip of “puddle”



Every Day Life: Meet Princess

So as usual the very busy schedule of my life is taking over all the time I have. Which means less blogging and I hate that as much as you do. So today before I’m off and running I thought I’d do a real quick fun post of my little sister’s puppy.

Meet princess. And boy is she a PRINCESS or what!! Princess is the newest furry friend in our family. She is hight strung, as small as a pillow and has a VERY loud bark (which almost sounds like a squeak)! She is featuring her pink polka dot collar in these pictures, which is nothing short of the wardrobe my sister has picked out for her!

But I have to say, she is absolutely adorable 🙂