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Every Day Life | Understanding The Message

Today I just want to simply share messages that we should be living by every day.

*Also, if you would be so kind to say a quick prayer my grandmother will be undergoing surgery today*



Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer

Happy First Birthday to Madi!! I am SO excited that I got to spend a few hours with these two girls on Saturday! You may remember them from back in October when they had a family session  on an adorable farm : ) This past week Madi turned one so on Saturday we headed out to the lake around the corner from their house and then set a cake in front of Madi to eat as she pleased! Reilly jumped in for a few as well!


Don’t you LOVE that hair?! 2013-04-15_0004 2013-04-15_0005 2013-04-15_0006 2013-04-15_0008 2013-04-15_0009 2013-04-15_0010 2013-04-15_0014

Sister secrets : )2013-04-15_0015 2013-04-15_0018 2013-04-15_0020 2013-04-15_0021 2013-04-15_0025 2013-04-15_0026 2013-04-15_0029 2013-04-15_0031 2013-04-15_0033 2013-04-15_0034

Every Day Life | Soaking Up The Sun

I sat on the beach today and closed my eyes. The wind blew recklessly, blowing my hair in all directions. I took a deep breath and held it in… then slowly let it out like a wisher from my lips. I felt the brief moments of sun on my face as it soaked into my skin. I slipped my shoes off and dug my feet into the sand. I could smell the salt water and almost touch summer. I opened my eyes, water glistening in front of me, I found a shell in the sand and moved it in circular motion next to me. I squinted, even through my sunglasses at the scene in front of me, wondering how we get to a point in our lives where we don’t understand ourselves. How can we be so on target and then wake up the next day falling off a cliff?

It was windy, I should have brought a jacket but the fact that I didn’t seemed to fit right in. I got in the car this morning and drove until I got to the beach. Then I sat on the beach today by myself trying to remember how to breath. Trying to focus on something, anything that would make me feel better. Until I remembered that I can make myself feel better. I am the keeper of my own happiness. We all have hard days and we all struggle sometimes but that’s when we need to stop.. and breath… 

and enjoy a few hours on the beach soaking up the sun : )

*Don’t mind the iPhoneography*

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Family Photography | The C Family

Meet the C family! They stuck it out through the chill in the morning air on Saturday and we got some great shots! They were just the cutest family ever and I enjoyed every minute of their session!! Check out some of my favorites : )

2013-04-06_0001 2013-04-07_0001 2013-04-07_0002 2013-04-07_0003 2013-04-07_0004 2013-04-07_0005 2013-04-07_0006 2013-04-07_0007 2013-04-07_0008 2013-04-07_0009 2013-04-07_0010 2013-04-07_0011 2013-04-07_0012 2013-04-07_0013 2013-04-07_0014 2013-04-07_0015 2013-04-07_0016 2013-04-07_0017 2013-04-07_0018 2013-04-07_0019 2013-04-07_0020 2013-04-07_0021 2013-04-07_0022 2013-04-07_0023

Newborn Photographer | Giana

Meet Giana! Giana is Vinny’s new little sister! I have now been photographing this family since Vinny was born over a year ago and I am so grateful I get to watch them grow. It’s SUCH a compliment to a photographer when we get to photograph client’s special moments in life : ) Oh and just as a  heads up this is going to be a long post since I couldn’t decide on my favorites!!

2013-04-03_0001 2013-04-04_0001 2013-04-04_0002 2013-04-04_0003 2013-04-04_0004 2013-04-04_0005 2013-04-04_0006 2013-04-04_0007 2013-04-04_0008 2013-04-04_0009 2013-04-04_0010 2013-04-04_0011 2013-04-04_0012 2013-04-04_0013 2013-04-04_0014 2013-04-04_0015 2013-04-04_0016 2013-04-04_0017 2013-04-04_0018 2013-04-04_0019 2013-04-04_0020 2013-04-04_0021 2013-04-04_0022 2013-04-04_0023 2013-04-04_0024 2013-04-04_0025 2013-04-04_0026 2013-04-04_0027 2013-04-04_0028 2013-04-04_0029 2013-04-04_0030

Event Photographer | Shae’s Sweet 16

This past Friday was Shae’s sweet 16 party! Complete with candy bar and disco ball! After a sit down dinner Shae and her friends danced the night away!

Venue: The Links Golf Club


Photography: Bella Life Photography

2013-04-02_0001 2013-04-02_0002 2013-04-02_0003 2013-04-02_0004 2013-04-02_0005 2013-04-02_0006 2013-04-02_0007 2013-04-02_0008 2013-04-02_0009 2013-04-02_0010 2013-04-02_0011