Every Day Life | Today

Today I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted and I have a headache. As I sit here and stare at the screen, watching the curser blink, I’m willing my brain to spit out the words I feel in my heart.

With the exhaustion and headache comes a quiet version of myself. Unusually quiet. A version of me that’s stuck in my head, full of either blank spots or crowding noise.

It’s the kind of exhaustion that makes you feel almost weak, pushing you through the day on the basis of your responsibilities. The kind of exhaustion where you just want a hug. A hug so you don’t have to feel so alone against the world on a day that you’re sleep walking through…..so you don’t have to feel so weak because you have someone else’s strength around you.

I would love to climb into bed right now and wake up to start the day again or to wake up tomorrow morning. But I know that we should NEVER wish our days away because there’s a time we won’t have any left.  Wishing a day away erases all that you accomplished that day (even the smallest of things)  and all the people you spent time with, and who wants that? I don’t.

It’s 5:00 and I’m justing writing this post, but I’m writing it. I didn’t push it off or tell myself I’ll do it tomorrow. If nothing else, I accomplished this today and as small as that may seem, it’s something.

So, as the day is coming to an end and night is falling on us in only a matter of hours I will NOT wish my day away..but I might still hope I get that hug : )



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