Every Day Life | Half The Battle

I didn’t intend for this blog to become so much about writing. So much about me and my personal struggles. I didn’t intend that these struggles would have so little to do with photography or specifically, my photography. I didn’t intend to share with the Internet how life can really pull us down and bring us back up, all at the same time.

I didn’t intend……but it happened.

And it’s ok that it happened because sharing who I am is half the battle. Being open and communicative is half the battle. Shedding light on the truth is half the battle.

The next few weeks are jam packed with shooting (thank the Lord J will be by my side!), coffee dates, helping one of my best friends plan her wedding and hopefully having some fun : ) So if you see a little more writing on the blog this month, know that the photos are a comin’ so keep on checking back, and if you feel the desire to read and follow along on my journey I am blessed to have you!




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