Every Day Life | Free Write #2

This life changes so drastically in the blink of an eye. We all regret mistakes we’ve made and we’ll have many more mistakes to make. But this life isn’t about beating ourselves up, it’s about accepting life and continuing to live it. It’s about learning from what we did wrong and making a conscious effort not to do it again. This life is anything but easy and because of that we can become better people. We can become the person we want to be and strive to be. Our dreams and actions and feelings will all mean something. Something for the greater, something to make us fight for how we live our lives. We’ve all wished on a shooting star, we’ve all prayed for something better, we’ve all given the advise we needed to take ourselves. It’s a fight to make up for all we fell short on. But our short fallings happened for a reason. We have to be strong enough to believe that, and sometimes that feels impossible but life goes on whether we do or not. It’s up to us if we’re ready to join the world again.

Happy Friday : )



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