South Jersey Photographer | Sunrise & Wedding Bands

If you read last week’s Free Write then you know I snagged my grandparents wedding bands and headed out in the early hours of morning for a few sunrise photos! Today, I am posting the shots of their bands and the sunrise. It was so fun to use their wedding bands from over 20 years ago!

2013-01-10_0001 If you look close enough you can see the outline of the moon on the left : )2013-01-15_0001 2013-01-15_0002 2013-01-15_0003 2013-01-15_0004 2013-01-15_0005 2013-01-15_0006 2013-01-15_0007 2013-01-15_0008 2013-01-15_0009 2013-01-15_0010 2013-01-15_0011 2013-01-15_0012

Their initials are carved into the inside of their wedding bands along with the date they were married! So sweet!

2013-01-15_0013 2013-01-15_0014


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