Every Day Life | Free Write

I looked over in the dark, the clock read 5:00 AM. That is not an hour I wanted to see unless necessary. I rolled over, still wide awake. I contemplated staying snug in bed until I had to start my day. I looked over in the dark again, the clock read 6:48 AM. Quietly and quickly I got out of bed, threw on my uggs and grabbed my camera bag. Maybe I could still make the sunrise. Maybe. One more look over my should before I left the house and I walked back to the dresser to get my grandparents wedding rings. You never know what might inspire you.

The type of sunrise I wanted wasn’t coming and although I got some decent shots of the sky it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Back in the car I raced to follow the sun and get a better view before it fully rose up. Racing to get the perfect shot.

And then I had another thought.

What if I’m living my life this way? Chasing something I can never really reach. Chasing something I think is better without stopping to enjoy what I already have. What if time is slipping through my rearview mirror and only now am I realizing it? I started toward home, following the sun only with my eyes.

Just because something is behind you doesn’t mean it is bad or that you lost it, it just means that part of you is moving on to bigger and better things. And just because you want to chase a bigger and better thing doesn’t mean you should overlook what you have.

So when the sun is rising in front of your eyes, enjoy the view while you can because pretty soon it will be behind you waiting for its next chance to catch your eye.



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