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Newborn Photographer | Kaycee

Meet Kaycee! This little munchkin is already forming her own personality. At only 9 days old she did not want to sleep for her photo shoot! But by the end of the session we managed to get her dow n for some sleepy photos : ) Congrats to Kaycee’s mommy and daddy!!


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Every Day Life | ProjectLife365

Week 4:


Every Day Life | ProjectLife365

Week 3:


Every Day Life | Free Write #2

This life changes so drastically in the blink of an eye. We all regret mistakes we’ve made and we’ll have many more mistakes to make. But this life isn’t about beating ourselves up, it’s about accepting life and continuing to live it. It’s about learning from what we did wrong and making a conscious effort not to do it again. This life is anything but easy and because of that we can become better people. We can become the person we want to be and strive to be. Our dreams and actions and feelings will all mean something. Something for the greater, something to make us fight for how we live our lives. We’ve all wished on a shooting star, we’ve all prayed for something better, we’ve all given the advise we needed to take ourselves. It’s a fight to make up for all we fell short on. But our short fallings happened for a reason. We have to be strong enough to believe that, and sometimes that feels impossible but life goes on whether we do or not. It’s up to us if we’re ready to join the world again.

Happy Friday : )


Every Day Life | House Item #7

Target is my weakness. Seriously. It’s a problem. My recent trip to Target ended with my bringing home things I didn’t even go there for! This cute little basket was one of them!

2013-01-17_0001 2013-01-17_0002 2013-01-17_0003 2013-01-17_0004

South Jersey Photographer | Sunrise & Wedding Bands

If you read last week’s Free Write then you know I snagged my grandparents wedding bands and headed out in the early hours of morning for a few sunrise photos! Today, I am posting the shots of their bands and the sunrise. It was so fun to use their wedding bands from over 20 years ago!

2013-01-10_0001 If you look close enough you can see the outline of the moon on the left : )2013-01-15_0001 2013-01-15_0002 2013-01-15_0003 2013-01-15_0004 2013-01-15_0005 2013-01-15_0006 2013-01-15_0007 2013-01-15_0008 2013-01-15_0009 2013-01-15_0010 2013-01-15_0011 2013-01-15_0012

Their initials are carved into the inside of their wedding bands along with the date they were married! So sweet!

2013-01-15_0013 2013-01-15_0014

Every Day Life | ProjectLife365

Week 2:


Every Day Life | Free Write

I looked over in the dark, the clock read 5:00 AM. That is not an hour I wanted to see unless necessary. I rolled over, still wide awake. I contemplated staying snug in bed until I had to start my day. I looked over in the dark again, the clock read 6:48 AM. Quietly and quickly I got out of bed, threw on my uggs and grabbed my camera bag. Maybe I could still make the sunrise. Maybe. One more look over my should before I left the house and I walked back to the dresser to get my grandparents wedding rings. You never know what might inspire you.

The type of sunrise I wanted wasn’t coming and although I got some decent shots of the sky it wasn’t enough. I wanted more. Back in the car I raced to follow the sun and get a better view before it fully rose up. Racing to get the perfect shot.

And then I had another thought.

What if I’m living my life this way? Chasing something I can never really reach. Chasing something I think is better without stopping to enjoy what I already have. What if time is slipping through my rearview mirror and only now am I realizing it? I started toward home, following the sun only with my eyes.

Just because something is behind you doesn’t mean it is bad or that you lost it, it just means that part of you is moving on to bigger and better things. And just because you want to chase a bigger and better thing doesn’t mean you should overlook what you have.

So when the sun is rising in front of your eyes, enjoy the view while you can because pretty soon it will be behind you waiting for its next chance to catch your eye.


Every Day Life | House Item #6

This Christmas I bought myself some of the cutest wine glasses from Pier 1 (and of course had to go back and get mom some when she saw mine)!! Then as I gift I got Mickey Mouse shot glasses! So cute! Can not wait to display these at Christmas time in the future house : )


South Jersey Photographer | 2012 Behind The Scenes

Seeing as I absolutely – as in, rather go to the dentist or pull out all my hair -DREAD being in front of the camera I’m only going to post a FEW behind the scenes photos. Happy Tuesday : )

Do you see me all the way to the left?! ; )

2013-01-07_0002 2013-01-07_0003 2013-01-07_0004 2013-01-07_0005

This one is my FAVORITE and I had NO idea it was taken until I culled the session!