Every Day Life | Thanksgiving Day Parade

Every year my mother drags us out of bed at the crack of dawn so that we can all get the train to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I am not a fan of the early morning wake up call but once we’re there and the little ones are having a blast it makes it worth it. This year we also passed by a really awesome display of gingerbread houses! Check them out (and the floats) below!!

2012-12-06_0014 2012-12-06_0015

2012-12-04_0025 2012-12-04_0028 2012-12-04_0029 2012-12-04_0030 2012-12-04_0031 2012-12-04_0032 2012-12-04_0033 2012-12-04_0034 2012-12-04_0035 2012-12-04_0036 2012-12-04_0037 2012-12-04_0038 2012-12-04_0039 2012-12-04_0040 2012-12-04_0041


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