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Child Photographer | Arianna

Ari has made her….what 5th debut? on the blog! Whew, this little girl is going to be such a model !! Ari was my last shoot of 2012 and we had so much fun! She is TOTALLY girl, complete with 4 outfit changes! Happy 2012 – here’s Ari!!

2012-12-22_0002 2012-12-22_0005 2012-12-22_0013 2012-12-22_0014 2012-12-22_0016 2012-12-22_0025 2012-12-22_0027 2012-12-22_0032 2012-12-22_0035


Family Photographer | The Hernandez Family

I have know this family for almost my entire life! My dad and Carlos have been friends for years! I am SO happy that I was able to capture this beautiful family’s true personality. Keep you eye out for the multiple *FACES* the littlest one makes ; )

2012-12-20_0001 2012-12-20_0003

Thanks for catching this FACE, J – and all the other great photos you took! 2012-12-20_0004 2012-12-20_0006 2012-12-20_0007 2012-12-20_0009 2012-12-20_0010 2012-12-20_0012 2012-12-20_0014 2012-12-20_0017 2012-12-20_0018

This was the I’M SO HAPPY THE SHOOT IS OVER dance : )2012-12-20_0026

Family Photography | The Polito Family

The Politos have made the blog again!! I am so glad we got to do photos again this year, I just love watching children grow up in front of my camera! AND there’s FINALLY a little girl on her way! So without further ado Merry Christmas from the Politos!!

2012-12-16_0012 2012-12-16_0014 2012-12-16_0018 2012-12-16_0022 2012-12-16_0026 2012-12-16_0029 2012-12-16_0031 2012-12-16_0034

Child Photographer | The Pyles

I have watched these two little munchkins grow since they were just little babies! I can hardly believe how much they’ve grown! I am so grateful that I get to see these two almost every week!! So here is a very merry christmas from Ryan and Julia!

2012-12-16_0001 2012-12-16_0002 2012-12-16_0003 2012-12-16_0004 2012-12-16_0005 2012-12-16_0006 2012-12-16_0007 2012-12-16_0008 2012-12-16_0009

Every Day Life | Thanksgiving Day Parade

Every year my mother drags us out of bed at the crack of dawn so that we can all get the train to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I am not a fan of the early morning wake up call but once we’re there and the little ones are having a blast it makes it worth it. This year we also passed by a really awesome display of gingerbread houses! Check them out (and the floats) below!!

2012-12-06_0014 2012-12-06_0015

2012-12-04_0025 2012-12-04_0028 2012-12-04_0029 2012-12-04_0030 2012-12-04_0031 2012-12-04_0032 2012-12-04_0033 2012-12-04_0034 2012-12-04_0035 2012-12-04_0036 2012-12-04_0037 2012-12-04_0038 2012-12-04_0039 2012-12-04_0040 2012-12-04_0041

South Jersey Photographer | Abrams Rehearsal Dinner

We first met Trish and Ryan back in September for Trish’s bridal shower ! They are back on the blog today with their very entertaining bridal party : ) Check out some photos of their Rehearsal Dinner!! Happy Tuesday!


Photography | Re-Branding

Happy Monday!! We have FINALLY re-launched the website with a whole NEW look! The past couple months Bella Life Photography has been rebranding and we are SO happy to put our new look on the web! Tara over at Stupendous Design was such a ROCKSTAR while working with me to design the new logo! Head on over to check her out and don’t forget to take a peek at OUR new website : )