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Family Photographer | Musto Family

Usually I would say, “Meet the Mustos!!” but since you all already know them ; ) Lets just say, Welcome Back to the Blog!! Last weekend we got together to shoot the Christmas card photo and although we got some awesome shots of the family I still think the recycling bin photos should make the card (oh yes, you heard right RECYCLING BIN) ! What do you guys think??

Meet Betty and Wilma  (Danny jumped in for a few shots! )

Every Day Life | Wish On A Shooting Star

I have been having a hard time sleeping lately and in the wake of that I am trying to write. I write about school, family, photography, me. I journal my life. Today I flipped through my journal, my thoughts from the past few weeks and I thought there might be others out there feeling a similar way. Although the Holidays are coming  you might  feel lost, exhausted, overwhelmed. Try not to loose sight of what really is important to you. There are reasons for days like today…..

November 2012

I‘m learning to breath. To think carefully about what I’m going to say before I say it. I’m learning to give up control on certain aspects of my life that I cant fix. Im learning to walk away from a pointless argument. As much as I understand we all have a path I sometimes don’t understand mine. I don’t understand the direction I’m moving or why I’m moving so quickly and then suddenly I’m stopped. I don’t understand why I’m sure of myself one minute and completely lost in the next.

This crazy-busy-wonderful-magical-confusing-thrilling-scarry life was given to each of us for a reason. We were given permission to dream. Dream out loud to the world, to ourselves, to each other. We were given a chance to do what makes us happy. We get to choose who stays and who goes and who we cant live without. We get to choose how we want to live our lives every day. We get to choose the person we want to be. The goals we strive to reach are ours, and what we do with them is up to us.

So live your life out loud, follow your path, reach for the stars until your dreams are your reality. You might not obtain them the first time you reach but dont give up.

Wish on a shooting star and you just might catch it.

November 2012

There are days like today when the overwhelming exhaustion has taken over my body and I don’t feel good enough. I don’t feel pretty enough, smart enough, successful enough. My dreams feel too big, unattainable, out of reach. There are days like today when I’ve been awake for 17 hours and have gotten nothing done. There are days like today when the smallest change in plans feels like the world is falling apart and I should probably just go back to bed right then. I have worked so hard the past few months on the things that make me happy but on days like today, I don’t feel good enough. When my head feels like its spinning out of control and I just want to press the pause button. When I need three cups of coffee just to make it past 9am. There are days when I feel I am putting a lot more effort into the relationships in my life versus what I am getting out of them. Days I think it’s not worth it. How could it possibly be worth it if I’m doing all the work? It’s days like today that I drive the long way home just to be able to let my mind run in quiet. When I physically feel my impatience wearing so thin that the crying baby at the coffee shop might hear a thing or two from me. Days that I would rather skip over altogether.

But it’s because of these days that I have good ones. That I can help others, drink one cup of coffee and be ready to get out of bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Those things that make me happy? They’re attainable and my dreams feel a little more reachable. It takes days like today to have days like tomorrow. 

Family Photography | Rech Family

I have known the Rech family  for…well as long as I can remember! Avery and I have been friends since kindergarten. Her brother and mine are also the same age. I could tell you so many stories ! The Halloween parade parties, the boys having sleepovers the night before the last day of school and when each of us got our license! I love these two dearly and I am SO happy their mom asked to schedule a session. So without further ado…meet the Rechs (and of course Juno)!!

Family Photography | Warren Family

Oh my goodness. Where do I begin? I first met Sarah back in high school not so many years ago when I stumbled into her Chem class : ) Her sister Meg (aka Meggles to me : ) happened upon me when she joined the team at Creative Kids with me a few years back….and well Momma Warren just holds the clan together!  Meg and I have been talking about scheduling a shoot for over a year but the time was never right. Soooo this past weekend we FINALLY got together for family photos!

Here would be where I tried to explain to Sarah she needed to look at me without moving her head….that ended us both in HYSTERICS when she turned her entire body! 

Meg has SUCH a contagious laugh!

And THIS is the point where the girls decided to announce that mom had a favorite daughter ! Can you guess which one? ; )

Love this shot! So thankful that I had J along to help me!!

Every Day Life | Nanny Turns 75!

On November 9th Nanny Mt. Laurel turned 75! Yes, you read that right, Nanny Mt. Laurel. As kids we couldn’t say the last names of either grandparents so they became titled Nanny Mt. Laurel and Nanny Pennsauken! Anyway, for Nanny’s 75th birthday this year we had a surprise party and she was definitely surprised!

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Every Day Life | Mia

Miss Mia had her FIRST cheerleading competition yesterday and she ROCKED it out!!! Although I felt like I was at a rock concert (yes, my ears are still ringing) it was so awesome to see these girls complete such amazing routines at such a young age. Mia’s squad came in SECOND place !! So, in keeping with the Cheer theme I thought what better day then to post Mia’s cheerleading photos from this year!? Enjoy and Happy Monday : )

 I think someone was getting tired of photos….

Every Day Life | House Item #5

House Item #5 I found a couple of months ago at Home Goods !! It makes for a great little utensil basket, flower holder, or anything of the sort ! What great finds have you come across?

Child Photography | Goldman Family

Miss Ava has been featured on the blog many times before!! You can check her out here and here ! This time we took some shots outside then headed into the warmth!! Make sure to look at Dillon’s faces below!

Happy Monday !








That suit….I die!!

Child Photography | Ryan & Julia

Ryan and Julia have gotten SO big since the last time we took pictures. I still here Julia’s little 3 year old voice in my head and it makes my heart melt !! These two are so close to my heart. Here’s a few photos of them in their Halloween costumes (oh and of course Mia had to jump in a few with miss Brenda’s costume)!!

Child Photographer | Arianna

We first met Arianna over a year ago when I shot her newborn session. We got to see Arianna again here at 9 months and now you get to see her in not one…but TWO Halloween costumes !! At 15 months now Arianna is walking around and learning new words. Enjoy and Happy Monday !!