Every Day Life {I’m Working On It}

It amazes me how certain things, people, situations can set me off on a total spin. My mood can change drastically based on what someone else says or does in a matter of seconds…but I’m WORKING ON IT. It’s amazing how some situations make their way upon me and I get so caught up in the moment that I don’t even think what might be right or wrong about it… but I’m WORKING ON IT.

It’s a part of me I don’t understand. It’s a part of me I want to change. It’s a part of me I’m WORKING on.

I like…I want to please people. So much so that I forget about what I need…what I want for myself. I become consumed with the need to make sure everyone else is happy. I become consumed with making sure I am doing everything right for them. 

We weren’t given this life to focus solely on others. We were given this life to live. I have been faced with yet another challenge in my life. Yet another change. Call it a struggle, call it fear but this life isn’t always easy and the cards we’re handed aren’t always what we want.

As I come to terms with this latest turn of events, I’m also trying to find who it is I want to be. Where it is I want to go and how far I am willing to reach for it. I am facing the true unknown for the first time. I have been thrown into this obstacle to come out successful, to come out a better person.

So challenge number one for me, starting right here and now, with the internet as my witness I am vowing to think before I speak, breath before I act, and ask myself is this really what I want? Will this make ME happy?

I’m working on it.


One response to “Every Day Life {I’m Working On It}

  1. Brava! Finally!

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