Every Day Life {Life in Instagrams}

Saying that these are the only photos I’ve taken with my iphone in the past couple weeks would be a COMPLETE lie. But how many can you really post? So I picked out a few that really stood out. Probably, the most important instagram below would be the ‘notebook’. I was (and still) was never one to keep a journal or a diary or anything of the sort. My notebook on the other hand has come in hand in my sanity these days. I can write about nothing, I can write about everything, I can write about love, life, moving on and growing. I can write about my business or about work or about how I spent my weekends. All that matters is that I can WRITE and it’s not regimented, which is what I think turned me off to the idea of journaling. I don’t want to feel like I have to write something every day. I just want to write when I feel like it. But anyway, enough about the notebook. Enjoy these latest photos of my life in Instagrams!!




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