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Every Day Life {Life in Instagrams}

Saying that these are the only photos I’ve taken with my iphone in the past couple weeks would be a COMPLETE lie. But how many can you really post? So I picked out a few that really stood out. Probably, the most important instagram below would be the ‘notebook’. I was (and still) was never one to keep a journal or a diary or anything of the sort. My notebook on the other hand has come in hand in my sanity these days. I can write about nothing, I can write about everything, I can write about love, life, moving on and growing. I can write about my business or about work or about how I spent my weekends. All that matters is that I can WRITE and it’s not regimented, which is what I think turned me off to the idea of journaling. I don’t want to feel like I have to write something every day. I just want to write when I feel like it. But anyway, enough about the notebook. Enjoy these latest photos of my life in Instagrams!!



Baby A Turns 9 Months Old

Get ready for cuteness overload!! Do you remember Baby A ? Guess who turned 9 Months Old?!? Christine and I share a love for baby tutus so upon arriving at their house last weekend I had only one tutu in hand and Christine had the rest!! This little munchkin is so adorable. She was such a good girl throughout the shoot. I think this little princess likes the camera!

We went from GET THIS OFF ME….

….to Where Did My Headband Go?

Every Day Life {Lake Pine}

This past weekend I spent a lot of time at the Lake House. As much as I desperately miss our shore house I have grown to enjoy the Lake House more and more. I call my dad’s house the Lake House because it’s a habit we have always used when referencing houses we’ve lived in. With my dad being in construction our houses rapidly accumulated from the Tabernacle House, to the Serenity House, to the Southampton House, Etc.  The Lake House has its own story behind it that started when my dad was just 18 years old. It’s amazing that a house can have so many different memories and still mean something in the present. I sat on the deck and edited and then I enjoyed the company of my brother and his friends. As we grow older it becomes easier to see how much the small things in life really mean….like spending a weekend at the Lake House.

Every Day Life {Spring}

“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Paul Boese

This quote seemed fitting for a post full of flowers. Flowers means Spring and new life and growth. We all need to find new life and growth within ourselves every day. The more we grow the better we become and the wiser, stronger more confident personality sets in. Make today worth it! Do something extraordinary. You are responsible for your own happiness so MAKE IT!! Say please and thank you. Appreciate yourself and others. Rise over life’s troubles. Be the person you want to be. FORGIVE. Let go. Learn from your mistakes. Laugh, love and make something of yourself. You only get this life once!

Every Day Life {Easter 2012}

This year for Easter we went to my aunt’s house with the Fornito clan! As incentive to get my brothers to have an egg hunt with my sister, my mom and dad put money in 3 of the eggs. Guess who got it? Take a look at the faces below! : )

This poor kid had a bloody nose (hence the tissue in hand!)

He’s such a goof!

{Future Home} Item #3

Item number 3 for the {Future Home} project is also from Anthropologie !! This mini butter dish is adorable, in my favorite color AND matches the egg tray from last week’s post {Future Home} Item #2 . Happy Wednesday!!

{Every Day Life} Family and Birthdays

April is a BIG birthday month in my family! We start on April 1st with my aunt’s birthday and continue on down the list with another 8 or so birthdays by the end of the month. This means LOTS of cake and LOTS of family time!! Last Sunday, April 1st, we celebrated my aunt and my dad’s birthday around what I would call a typical “Sunday Dinner” at the Fornito household. Everything was loud, everyone was talking louder then the next while all trying to talk over each other, there were lots of laughs and of course a little cake! So enjoy some photos from the first TWO birthdays of the month!!

{Teaser} Baby A Turns 9 Months Old

{Future Home} Item #2

So here is the {future home} product this week! It’s a ceramic egg tray for the refrigerator.  I am so in love with how ADORABLE it is that there will be more pieces from to come!!

March Review In My365 Photos