Jamie Delaine | Guest Blogger

Happy Monday! Today, we have a super sweet guest blogger: JAMIE DELANIE!! I have been following desire of my heart: the blog of jamie delaine. for the past two years. I have benefited from the honesty and truth in her words, both about photography and about life. Jamie has inspired me to start writing again and it was the best thing I could have done for myself! About a year ago I emailed this sweet sweet girl and asked for photography advice, she gave it. In the past few weeks we have been emailing about Jamie being a GUEST blogger and she agreed. It is always so great to chat with photographers in the same age bracket! So without further ado, we welcome Jamie Delaine!!

(Photo rights belong to Jamie Delaine)
1. What made you decide to jump into your business at such a young age?
I honestly don’t remember it being a conscious decision! My interest in photography started around sixteen… at the beginning of my grade 11 year. By the end of the year, I felt like I had researched enough, read enough, practiced enough to launch a website and see how it would go.
2. What does writing mean to you?
Mmm, writing. Writing is my way of processing everything I think about. I’ve kept journals since I was thirteen years old and love all of those rambling, crazy thoughts. As I’ve grown older, my writing has grown less about random emotional mish-mash and more about analyzing the things I see, the conversations I have and the things I am dreaming about. I am thankful my blog gives me an avenue to share some of those thoughts with readers.
3. How do you continue to explore your photography skills?
I love pinterest for gathering inspiration. I don’t spend a lot of time on there [not really a crafty kind of girl] but I do have a few boards for “posing” and try to spend a few minutes on there a week to check out new images.
4. What’s the first thing you learned about your camera?
The biggest step in learning my camera was learning manual exposure — no more automatic settings.
5. What’s one goal you have for yourself this year?
I want to write more. At least one full morning a week. That was my goal for 2012 and so far I am failing… but answering this question has reminded me to get back to it. 😉

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