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Every Day Life | Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance

This past Thursday Mia had her last Daddy Daughter Dinner Dance! The theme was cowboys/cowgirls!! She looked so cute in her hat and boots and she had a great time with our dad! Of course I was roped in (no pun intended) to take the photos of the girls with their dads. Below is a picture of Mia and our dad!!


Introducing {Future Home}

For a while I have been purchasing little items that I will eventually need for my *Future Home*. The latest item includes this adorable lime green colander fromĀ HomeGoods. I have been trying really hard to come up with some fabulously, awesome, amazing, blow your mind TITLE for these blog posts and after NOT being able to come up with one I decided that since I call these items my {Future Home} items, why not call them just that on the blog!? So here we are with the first {Future Home} post and I can’t wait to share the next item with you!!

Every Day Life | Daddy Os

Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend were exhausting days for me!! So Sunday night after the last AGFS I met up with some friends for ice cream! We brought this little munchkin with us and we couldn’t have had a better time!! It was so great to see K, I miss her dearly when she’s at school!

I have to give credit to Justin for these photos (as he was trying very hard to learn manual in under 5 minutes) LOL

Seriously, how can you not love that little face! : )

Post – American Girl Fashion Show | Ronald McDonald House

Whew! That was an exhausting weekend, or week for that matter! Nothing like working 7 days straight!! Ronald McDonald House hosted (5) Fashion Shows this weekend. The girls in this years fashion show had so much fun being on stage and I was so lucky to have Marisa capture them in action! Enjoy a few photos of my weekend at the American Girl Fashion Show!!

American Girl Fashion Show | Ronald McDonald House

At the beginning of the week I sent a quick email to D about the show this Saturday. She quickly sent me one back, warning….MAKE SURE YOU BRING TYLENOL!! LOL I just love D, we had so much fun last year with everyone and all of the people who came out to support this great cause and volunteered their time. They deserve a big THANK YOU!! Tomorrow we will be kicking off another weekend of fashion shows starting at 10AM! We hope to see you there! : )


Every Day Life | Goal Progress

Ok so here are the goals I set for March

1. Read 2 Books

2. Sketch new website


4. Make it to the gym at least 7 times this month

5. Drink at least 1 bottle of water a day

And here is what I’ve accomplished off that list

1. Read one book

2. Blogged 7 times

3. Went to the gym 6 times

As for my yearly goals I have accomplished reading (4) books, drinking a lot more water, having lunch with (3) people I have not seen, going to the gym more and trying to blog every week!!

Child Photographer | Mia Nicole

My little sister is GROWING UP!! I can not believe that next month she will be 10 years old! I still think of her as the baby of the family because she is so much younger then the rest of us. Mia and I went out on Sunday just for fun and took a few shots in the woods before our noses got too red : ) Enjoy a few photos of Mia Monster!! (a childhood nickname!)