Nice People and (fake) Monday Mornings!

Love running into nice people in the morning! It makes for such a great day! And considering today is Monday for most of the world it makes it that much better. So let’s hope for a great day to go along with a great morning….because isn’t that what life is about? Having great days and meeting great people and making the most of it? Isn’t life about writing our story and doing the best we can and helping strangers in need? That’s what I want my life to be about. Cherishing the moments and making great memories with great friends and learning how to love. Overcoming our struggles is only half he battle, the other half is finding ourselves and trusting in it. So have a great (fake) Monday, live a little, laugh for a lifetime and love like you’ll never find it again…….and if your lucky maybe grab a cup of Starbucks ; )



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