Spring Must-Haves | Every Day Life

1. NAUTICAL shoes! I. Am. In. Love. with these shoes. (Hence, why they are the number ONE item on this list)

2. These purple jeggings are a bit BOLD for me but hey, with the right top I may find these in my closet this spring.

3. Navy and white stripe dress. Who doesn’t love a clean line dress??

4. Ok, so I came across this mug on Pinterest and I am dying to get one just to see “eyes” wake up! Yes, they really do…there’s a heat sensor in the mug that turns it white when coffee in poured in!

5. White Cotton Dress paired with a tan leather jacket. Adorable.

6. This bag could really be used in the fall but dressed with the right outfit and it could pass for the Spring season.

7. Another nautical item. This cosmetic bag is all girl and little fun. Aren’t you loving the pink with the anchors??

8. This adorable little ring quotes Audrey Hepburn, “I believe happy girls are the prettiest & I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong”

9.This is a MUST have. Classic navy blazer, perfect for work or fun!

What are your must haves for Spring??


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