A Field Guide to Getting Lost

At some point we all lose our way. We lose the person we thought we were, or the person we had always been, and we’re just…there. Frozen. Unable to move forward, to scared to go back. So we wait, and then we wait some more. We wait for someone or something to come and wave their hands in our face, while telling us: The train is leaving, either get on or get out!!! What do you pick? Are you shoved onto the train because you’re in everyone’s way and you’re getting trampled? Or do you leave the train station all together because you’re alone after the train has left? I’m the by-stander. I stand off to the side watching all of these people moving by. I help where needed and answer when spoken to, but I never make my own move. I stay put, off to the side. Watching. I stand there like everyone else waiting for someone to yell MOVE ON in my ear. I stand there waiting to see where I’m going to be TOLD to go next. When do I get to choose? Well, the answer is I don’t get to choose. Not until I MOVE ON. Out of the way of being trampled. Away from the motion to leave just because I’ve been left there alone.

THEN I get to decide. THEN I get to make my choice. Until then, I don’t get the choice. And as I’ve stood here frozen at the train station, a million trains have come and gone. All going to different places and carrying the same people. Some I’ve helped and others I’ve watched. In the end I get to CHOOSE which way I’m going to go and with me I will take change.

Just because we get lost, doesn’t mean we can’t find our way back.



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