A Day In The Life…

5:30 AM – Steps coming rapidly down the stairs, Ciccio standing in front of the couch looking at me.

Me – Yes?

Ciccio – Can we watch the rest of the ICarley show from last night?

Me – (in my head) Seriously???

6:25 AM

Ciccio – Can I have breakfast?

Me – Sure, donuts it is.

I get dressed for the day. Make up and all.

7:05AM – More footsteps on the stairs, Lessi’s awake, I change diaper

Lessi – GG can I have donuts too??

Me – Sure

Lessi – I don’t want this.

Me – Of course you don’t. How about Little Bites? Yes? Good.

7:15AM – Renzo wakes up, change diaper, put in highchair and feed breakfast (without complaint!!!)

7:30AM – Play states game on ipad with Ciccio and Lessi

8:00AM – Ciccio and  Lessi get dressed, brush teeth, use bathroom

8:30 AM – Ciccio gets on bus,  my day with Lessi and Renzo begins…only it hasn’t even started and it’s only 8:30AM….


How many cups of coffee do you think I needed today?


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