I sat at a table in Barnes and Nobel on Saturday night. To my right was my laptop. To my left was my Business Law book. And in my hand was a photography magazine. (Yes, I realize the photography magazine is NOT part of the Business Law course but cut me some slack, I needed a break!) I flipped through two photo magazines with no interest and then I flipped through another and came across this article on Sanjay Kothari. In the text he states the following:

“Photography is a transformation of three dimensional reality into two dimensions. The transformation is objective, its not arbitrary, and theres a relationship betwen the picture and its corresponding reality.” – Kothari 

Reading the article about Kothari and his works, allowed me to explore photography in a completely different view. Although I myself am not interesting in creating the type of photographs that Kothari creates I was intrigued by his work and couldn’t stop looking at his galleries. It is so amazing to see how ENORMOUS the photography field really is. Viewing work such as Kothari’s  really opens my eyes to the other photographers out there. It has taught me to really look at pictures and try to see the story behind the memory that was caught in action.

If you would like to read the entire article you can click here: Sanjay Kothari: Shanghai Transformations – Digital Photo Pro |


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