Current Obsessions | Everyday Life

These are my crazy CURRENT OBSESSIONS that I use on almost a daily basis.

1. My Ipad SD Card reader for instant photo viewing after a shoot.

2. The BOBBLE water bottle. I just got this 18 oz. water bottle a few days ago and I LOVE it. That blue thing you see under the top? That’s a FILTER on my water bottle!!!!

3. I can not get ENOUGH of Crazy, Stupid, Love. It just might be in the DVD player (most nights) when I am falling asleep in bed.

4. My Vera Bradley tote. I got this for Christmas and have been using it ever since. I pack this back to the top when I’m trying to quickly get out the door with everything I need.

5. My365 app. This is on my Iphone and I absolutely love it. I started a little late this year and missed the first couple of days but I hope to continue to fill the calendar on this app and have my photos to review at the end of 2012.

6. This is my Vera Bradley Navy Microfiber Wallet. I got this on my trip to Rhode Island this summer. It was tucked in a clearance rack filled with junk in the BOOKSTORE. Yes, I bought this in a bookstore. (actually my mommy bought it for me!)

7. My final obsession this week is my Nikon camera lens COFFEE MUG. This mug is just so darn cool. The lens cap even twists on and off to serve as a travel mug.


What are your crazy CURRENT OBSESSIONS???


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