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A Day In The Life…

5:30 AM – Steps coming rapidly down the stairs, Ciccio standing in front of the couch looking at me.

Me – Yes?

Ciccio – Can we watch the rest of the ICarley show from last night?

Me – (in my head) Seriously???

6:25 AM

Ciccio – Can I have breakfast?

Me – Sure, donuts it is.

I get dressed for the day. Make up and all.

7:05AM – More footsteps on the stairs, Lessi’s awake, I change diaper

Lessi – GG can I have donuts too??

Me – Sure

Lessi – I don’t want this.

Me – Of course you don’t. How about Little Bites? Yes? Good.

7:15AM – Renzo wakes up, change diaper, put in highchair and feed breakfast (without complaint!!!)

7:30AM – Play states game on ipad with Ciccio and Lessi

8:00AM – Ciccio and  Lessi get dressed, brush teeth, use bathroom

8:30 AM – Ciccio gets on bus,  my day with Lessi and Renzo begins…only it hasn’t even started and it’s only 8:30AM….


How many cups of coffee do you think I needed today?

Mini Pancakes | Every Day Life

Fridays are my day off for the next few months. This gives me time to have breakfast with my momma (she’s off every other Friday!) and make mini pancakes! They’re delicious!

I also stumbled upon this ah-may-zing website called Jim’s Pancakes. Check it out! Happy Friday!!

Drafts…and What Could Have Been

I decided to write today about the few posts that never made it out of the DRAFTS folder. They got started, scratched out, restarted, overwritten and finally, forgotten about. These drafts go all the way back to January 1 of 2011. From the very beginning there was a DRAFT in the drafts folder, but I’m ok with that. Because where would we be if we didn’t have to re-write our lives sometimes? Where would we be if we didn’t do our best and believe in our own work? Who knows, maybe these DRAFT posts will become a BLOG post this year.



What were your DRAFTS in 2011? Here are a few of mine…..

1. Two. Thousand. Eleven. Another year. A new year. A fresh beginning.

2. So I’m stealing a little from the awesome

3. I’ve worn myself out. My “To Do” list became a mile long and I slowly began losing sleep. So after a few days of NO routine whatsoever I grabbed  a spare notebook from work and starting making a list. I’ve always lived my “life in lists”. For some reason I had a lapse in writing my lists for a period of time but now that I have gotten back on track I feel SO much better.

4. For many people Spring Break is here or it’s coming soon enough!

5. I am up bright and early this morning for the American Girl/Ronald McDonald House Fashion Show!!

6. I used to be able to write. I could write crazy imaginative stories. I could paint reality and fiction onto pages with no problem, but as of late I can’t seem to express my thoughts. My head just swirls into one mess of colors. I want to pull each color of the swirl out and put it down on paper. I want to share my thoughts and feelings. I want to believe that I could help someone with this

Books I’m Reading | Every Day Life

5. Life is Not a Reality Show – My good friend M&Ms (not that’s not her real name! Just my nickname for her 🙂 lent me this book. She absolutely loved it and hoped I would too.

4. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest – I read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and thought it was awesome! I have yet to read this (and the number 3 book on this list) but I can’t wait until I do!

3. The Girl Who Played with Fire – mentioned above : )

2. You Better Not Cry – Yes this is a Christmas book but I didn’t have time over the holidays and what I have already read of this book is hysterical!

1. One For the Money – I started this book a while ago and then ran out of time. Hopefully I finish it before the movie comes out : )

New York City | Every Day Life

Around 1:00 on Sunday afternoon we jumped in the car and decided on a whim to take a day trip to New York City! My dad really wanted to see Ground Zero so all bundled up in hats, scarves, gloves, coats, and boots we stood in line for our turn to see this sacred ground. It was well worth the cold! Ground Zero is not complete but it is absolutely AMAZING. It takes your breath away the second you see it. So enjoy some photos of our spur-of-the-moment day trip to NYC : )


I sat at a table in Barnes and Nobel on Saturday night. To my right was my laptop. To my left was my Business Law book. And in my hand was a photography magazine. (Yes, I realize the photography magazine is NOT part of the Business Law course but cut me some slack, I needed a break!) I flipped through two photo magazines with no interest and then I flipped through another and came across this article on Sanjay Kothari. In the text he states the following:

“Photography is a transformation of three dimensional reality into two dimensions. The transformation is objective, its not arbitrary, and theres a relationship betwen the picture and its corresponding reality.” – Kothari 

Reading the article about Kothari and his works, allowed me to explore photography in a completely different view. Although I myself am not interesting in creating the type of photographs that Kothari creates I was intrigued by his work and couldn’t stop looking at his galleries. It is so amazing to see how ENORMOUS the photography field really is. Viewing work such as Kothari’s  really opens my eyes to the other photographers out there. It has taught me to really look at pictures and try to see the story behind the memory that was caught in action.

If you would like to read the entire article you can click here: Sanjay Kothari: Shanghai Transformations – Digital Photo Pro |

Iphone Photos | Every Day Life

2011 in Iphone Photos….