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Every Day Life: Number 46

So I finally have made it to a few of my brother’s football games. He loves it and he is doing soo good!! Enjoy some action shots of him (#46!) I can’t wait to see him in action again this afternoon!!

Cait’s Bridal Shower

Caity has been my big sister for the last 10 years. When she told me she was getting married I was soooo excited for her and Chas!! I just love them both to pieces! So when her bridal shower rolled around I was so excited to get some shots of Caity and her closest friends….and of course be a part of her day!

How awesome are these?? They were already  hung when we got there!!
Mother of the Bride!How cute are Meg and Brittany!?!

Hope you had a great time Cait!! The wedding is almost here!

Every Day Life: Happy Saturday!

These two cuties came back from the groomer a few weeks ago “dressed in their finest”!! They are ready for fall and so am I! Enjoy some pictures of my puppies, I’m off to shoot Caity’s Bridal Shower!! 🙂

How adorable are those pigtales!!!He is soo handsome (this one is my baby) Love him so much!

Every Day Life: See You Soon…

On Friday night at 12:05 my aunt and cousin landed in Philadelphia (it was a surprise for my grandmother and uncle)! They were SHOCKED to say the least. I had to take my aunt and cousin back to the airport today in which I cried all the way home. Their visit was not long enough for me…it never is. But even though we had to say “See you soon” today, our weekend was a BLAST! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen everyone that happy. Our loud and crazy family was together both Saturday and Sunday, talking over one another, laughing so hard someone else laughed and taking as many pictures as we could. No, there is no picture of them leaving today because we were not saying goodbye, but simply “see you soon”…




Look at Aunt Coley’s pretty deserts!!

So many cute photos of daddy!! 🙂

(written on Tuesday)

October Goals

Can you believe it’s OCTOBER already???? I am LOVING it!!! Fall is my favorite season! Anyway, more on fall later, here are the Goals for this month!
Photography Goals: September Recap
Blog once a day (this will happy eventually)
Learn more about my camera
Schedule a final look at Linda and Chris’s Wedding Album and order it!
Back up all recent sessions
Update website
Personal Goals: September Recap
Write 25 thank you notes
Read 2 books
Write every day
Run more
Get ahead in my class work
Remember to breath
Organize my room
Attend at least ONE of my sister and brother’s games
Photography Goals: October
Blog once a day (this will happen eventually)
Back up all recent sessions
Update website
Continue to learn about my camera
Send recent client thank you notes
Shoot scheduled sessions well!
Personal Goals: October
Write 25 thank you notes
Read 2 books
Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
Get ahead in this months class work
Attend another one of my sister and brother’s games – and take pictures 🙂
Last night I hung out with my Lessi Girl and we took some SILLY shots!! Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!!