Every Day Life: Life Without Technology

So yesterday morning we had some landscapers come out to our house. While they were working, they accidentally cut a cable. We didn’t have internet, phone, or tv until a few hours ago. It was absolutely horrible! Yesterday when it went out, I didn’t think it would be that bad… It was only a day without all this and I figured I’d be fine. But every thing I went to do involved the tv or the internet! First, I wanted to check the weather, which I couldn’t do on the tv or computer. Then I wanted to check my email, check my grades, do my math hw using my online textbook and watch the Phillies, but couldn’t do any of that either! All I can say is that I never thought it would be that bad, but it was so hard to go 24 hours without connection to the outside world! Thank you so much Comcast man, for fixing it… You are my hero.



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