A Simple Thank You.

Sometimes you just need to hear it. That you’re appreciated, that you’re respected. Sometimes life can be pretty ugly, it can sneak up on you with a challenge you’ve never had to face before. So don’t forget to always say a simple, thank you.

That’s what happens after high school, a friend said to me the other day. Life happens, no matter how long you’ve been out of high school, a new challenge is always different. I was pondering to myself today why it is that people have such close relationships. Everyone gets hurt and at some point, every one does the hurting. Why bother with close relationships if life happens and you don’t have time? If people push away because they’re afraid of getting hurt? If people are alone? Why do we bother?

We bother because people are what make up life. People close to us express what love is. They show us how to take care of one another, how to be there for one another and most importantly they show us how amazing love really is. Without love we wouldn’t be who we are. Without love we wouldn’t be grateful, we wouldn’t be thankful.

….which brings me back to what I started with. There is always someone in your life to be thankful for, to appreciate. There is always someone who stands out in the crowd of everyone you know. There is always someone who will absolutely do anything for you. Acknowledge those people….love those people….thank those people.

Remember to always say….a simple thank you : )


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