Stuck and Unstuck

It’s been one of those nights. Yes. One. of. those. nights. I’m tired and I’m hurt and I’m angry and I’m frustrated. I’m even MORE frustrated that no one can/will help me with this stupid school work. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT!! ……whew I got that out! but I still don’t feel better because the work’s not done and it’s never going to be.

I’m too tired to fight with myself and I’m too tired to fight with anyone else. I’m so exhausted that my anger is coming out in tears because I’m stuck. I’m stuck and I don’t know how to get unstuck. So, for now, I’ll shut my computer down, I’ll jump in the shower and then snuggle up in my bed. I’ll forget about it and tomorrow when the sun rises, I’ll try again. I’ll try to be less stuck and less hurt and less angry because life’s too short to waste on negativity but once in a while we just get stuck…and in that moment it’s too hard to get unstuck.

*Here’s too hoping I can be less stuck tomorrow*


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