They’re There And They Are Important

Ok sooo, I’m stealing a little (teeny, tiny bit!) from the awesome,  Katelyn James Photography. In January Katelyn wrote about GOALS: and just like Katelyn didn’t get to it until the end of January, I have been trying to write a blog post about GOALS since I read her February Goal post, and here we are and it’s February 20th already!! Only 8 days to go until March…when I will have to write another blog about Goals, and maybe that will kick me into gear to actually get something done in the 8 days I have left until March! Here it goes….

February Photography Goals

Blog once a day

Create client thank you cards

Have client thank you cards printed

Back up all recent photographs

Make a list of equipment I need to bring to the Ronald Mc Donald House/American Girl Fashion Show (More to come on that!)

Actually gather the equipment I need to bring to the RMH/AGFS

And heres the hard part….

February Personal Goals

Take on challenges

Follow my heart

Don’t hold back

Learn to fully trust again

Let go

Write often

Believe in myself

Be the best godmommy I can : )

Always help others


Thanks for inspiring me Katelyn! Remember, there’s only EIGHT days left in February so the goals that don’t get accomplished will be carried over to March (along with some new goals!). As for the personal goals, well, they’ll be there for a while, if for no other reason then to remind me that they’re there and they are important

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