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Every Day Life: Too much to do

Alright, so I knew junior year was stressful, but this week is probably the worst yet. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it all. I wrote a list of everything earlier and now I’m slowly starting to get some of it done. These are just a few of the things I have to do this week:

– Chemistry Formal Lab
– Math HSPA Packet
– English ‘Propaganda’ Project
– History ‘Decades’ Project
– Study for big history test this week
– Study for math test this week
– Sign up for SAT’s and ACT’s
– English Research Paper
– Buy a gift for my friends b-day
– Photo ‘CD Cover’ Project
– Photo ‘Letters’ Project
– Photo ‘Textures’ Project
– Take HSPA’s this week
– Start looking at colleges

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m really not used to having this much work to do. After next Monday I should be fine though because that’s when my last project is due, but until then I need some major stress relief.

Any ideas??


Sharpies and Post Its

Ok. So school has been consuming me at night! I finally had to take out an old bulletin board and start making notes of everything I had to do and when they were due. If only you could see what this space looks like now! Ten times more busy then the picture below!! (PS I know these pictures are grainy and unedited but hey I was busy making a bulletin board : )

I had to have some cool Post it colors! and of  course my blackberry is there!

And no bulletin board is complete without a rainbow of sharpies!!

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a reason. All of the choices we make, all of the feelings we feel, all of the consequences we are challenged with. The way we wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night. The way we treat our freinds and family, the way we treat strangers. Everything happens for a reason. The way we find ourselves, the way we find others. They way we write our story and how we share it with the world or hold it all inside. The way hearts fall in and out of love. The way grief comes and goes unannounced, usually striking at our weakest moment. The way our face can show how we’re feeling and every wrinkle on our body is a reminder. The way we react to news, good or bad. The way we observe and interpret. The way we predit and conclude. The numerous unannounced suprises that come about each day. The way we deal with these suprises. Everything happens for a reason. We may not know right now why all of these things happen for a reason, but the reason’s there, we just have to find it…
…and everything happens for a reason. Even on the days that it hurts.

Every Day Life: Mia

Yesterday, I took a walk with my sister and her puppy (and my mom!) This will definitely be on my “goals” list for March! While we were on a walk, I snapped a few shots of my sister…she is getting SO big!! Enjoy the double post today : )

Not sure what this face was about…

Princess got a little thirsty on our walk so she stopped to take a sip of “puddle”



I Know, I KNOW!

I know I KNOW!! I’m horrible at these goals! I already missed a day of blogging UGH! So I will blog twice today and that will make up for it, won’t it? Maybe? A little bit?

Anyway, this is SOC and boy did I need to fix my ISO but how cute is miss smiley face? Thanks for letting her hang out with me today Cait !!

They’re There And They Are Important

Ok sooo, I’m stealing a little (teeny, tiny bit!) from the awesome,  Katelyn James Photography. In January Katelyn wrote about GOALS: and just like Katelyn didn’t get to it until the end of January, I have been trying to write a blog post about GOALS since I read her February Goal post, and here we are and it’s February 20th already!! Only 8 days to go until March…when I will have to write another blog about Goals, and maybe that will kick me into gear to actually get something done in the 8 days I have left until March! Here it goes….

February Photography Goals

Blog once a day

Create client thank you cards

Have client thank you cards printed

Back up all recent photographs

Make a list of equipment I need to bring to the Ronald Mc Donald House/American Girl Fashion Show (More to come on that!)

Actually gather the equipment I need to bring to the RMH/AGFS

And heres the hard part….

February Personal Goals

Take on challenges

Follow my heart

Don’t hold back

Learn to fully trust again

Let go

Write often

Believe in myself

Be the best godmommy I can : )

Always help others


Thanks for inspiring me Katelyn! Remember, there’s only EIGHT days left in February so the goals that don’t get accomplished will be carried over to March (along with some new goals!). As for the personal goals, well, they’ll be there for a while, if for no other reason then to remind me that they’re there and they are important

Every Day Life: Summer

Alright, so today’s weather was absolutely beautiful! It was the best not having to wear a winter coat to school, but at the same time I’m kinda spoiled now. It also got me extremely excited for SUMMER and all the things that go along with it:

1) Wonderful weather (including temperatures above freezing)
2) Sleeping in until whenever you want
3) The beach!
4) Fireworks on the 4th of July
5) Bonfires on summer nights
6) Driving around with the windows down
7) Flip flops : )

This is just a few of the reasons why I love summer so much… In fact, I already have a countdown: 124 days 3 hours and 5 minutes! : D

What’s your favorite thing about summer?

I woof you!!

When Jaguar and Princess came home from the groomer’s the first thing I grabbed was my camera! FINALLY they were looking good (after a very long wait to get groomed). And to top it off my two little puppies came home with adorable valentine’s day bandanas around their necks!! If these two faces don’t say I woof you, then I don’t know what does!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Every Day Life: And a FEW boxes of jewelry…

Look what came to my house last week!! Sooo excited when the UPS man was out front!
It’s just a FEW boxes of jewelry, but don’t worry it’s not all mine, only one lonely box was mine 😦 everything else was for all of my friends who came to the Lia Sophia jewelry party at my house last month. As Lia Sophia says, “Share the love of jewelry”!
Happy Sunday!!

Little L’s Baptism

Finally, I’m getting around to posting the pictures of my little man. On January 30, 2011 Lorenzo was Baptized in front of family and friends!

Unfortunately for me, I had to be in front of the camera that day! (I so hate that) but it was worth it! How cute is my little godson?

He is just sooo smiley!

Well….he was smiley for most of the day…but really how cute is the face below???