Day 29 and counting…

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I would write every day, even if it was only a sentence. We are now at day 29 of the New Year and I have far beyond failed to keep up my daily writing challenge. I challenged myself to write so much on the foundation that it would help me get through the internal struggles I’m having. I was always amazed and a tiny bit jealous of the people who could express themselves through art, through drawings and paintings. I wanted that outlet, and I guess you could say writing is an outlet but it’s hard sometimes to find the exact words you are looking for. When I feel something so strongly it literally takes over my whole being, then I can find the words I’m looking for. The words I want to share with others, give to others as advice and help, but most of all they are the words of the truth that I am feeling. This morning I stood in the shower and thought about my writing challenge. International photographer, Jasmine Star, woke me to my empty journal. She, also gave herself a writing challenge. Instead of writing every day for the rest of the year she made a pact with a friend to write every day for the month of January and if you’ve ever read her blog I’m sure you’re as intrigued as I am about what she might have written about this month : ) but more importantly she accomplished her challenge, she fought to find the words even on the days she didn’t think she could. Reading about her challenge has renewed my desire to write every day, even when I can’t find the words, because really what is writing about? It’s about sharing what you know and what you feel. It’s about telling who you are and who you want to be and without that it’s hard to even find yourself in the first place. So after I thought about my writing challenge (and the water in the shower had long lost its warmth) I thought about the beginning of what I was going to write today. Just like that it came to me out of nowhere in the shower on a Saturday morning. So I took it and I kept writing and I ended up with this. I ended up writing, finally, what I was feeling. Tomorrow I may feel differently, but that’s the beauty of writing, it doesn’t have to stay the same. Tomorrow is a new day, a clean sheet of paper and me. I get to choose what I write about and how I feel and if it’s anything like today, well then I’ll be one lucky (awesomely Jasmine inspired) girl 🙂

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