Every Day Life: Secret Places

Hey, Marisa here again…

Well, we all have our secret place–the place we can go when we feel down–our own little safe haven. When we were children, that place may have been a fort made from blankets and pillows, a treehouse, or even in a closet somewhere with a flashlight reading fairytales. Where ever it was, it always seemed to manage to make us feel better, no matter what the reason. As we get older though, we have fewer and fewer safe havens. We can’t fit in the closet, our treehouse was probably taken down a long time ago, and it would be foolish to build a blanket fort. (Not to mention the fact that we probably couldn’t fit in one.) And although having somewhere to escape everything is a nice, we also now know that hiding for an hour or two won’t make our problems go away. It is definitely important to have somewhere like this, but pretty soon we come to the realization that we can’t solve the problem by ignoring it.

That being said, I thought this was a good picture to include. I took it awhile ago but there’s just something about how calm and serene it looks. It reminds me of a secret garden… a place where grown ups can go to just escape for the time being– a secret place… a safe haven.


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