Every Day Life: Baseball Season

Hey, Marisa here…

So, I got a Phillies jersey for Christmas this year and it got me thinking about baseball–how fun it is going to games during the summer, and just the excitement of it all. Who doesn’t love baseball season?!

I have to say that this year is going to be an awesome year for baseball… Partly because I happen to be a Phillies fan and the Phillies now have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball history– Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels.

Well anyway, I recently found a poem I wrote last year while cleaning out my closet–about how exciting being at a baseball game can be… particularly a Phillies one. 🙂

A Night at the Phillies
Dressed in red, you pull up to the ballpark
You can feel the surge of excitement in the air around you
To your right, a toddler jumps up and down
Wearing a shirt that says: ‘My Phirst Phillies Game’
You catch the lingering aroma of burgers and franks
A group of college roommates tailgating
You see a swarm of people trying to get through the ticket gates like sand through an hourglass
You head to your seats in anticipation
The first inning begins
The crowd roars and the music starts to play
You hear ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin and you just know this game is gonna be good
Now it’s the fourth inning
The score—3 to 1, the Phillies are losing
It’s not over yet though
The fifth and sixth inning come and go
Now it’s the seventh
The ball park stands and stretches
Two innings left
Nothings happening in the eighth
You decide to get up and get a cheese-steak
Bottom of the ninth
You hope they can get two more runs just to tie it up
Two men on base
Howard’s up, three balls and two strikes—full count
A 94 mph fastball is released by a nervous pitcher
Your nails are bitten down to the skin
He gets behind that ball and nails it
“It’s outta here!”
Harry Kalas’ voice rings through the ball park
A sea of red and white stands
The crowd goes wild
You scream your lungs out and you know you’ll have no voice tomorrow
Nothing can describe this feeling you have right now
You knew this game was going to be good

Hope you enjoyed the poem 🙂

What’s your favorite baseball team??


One response to “Every Day Life: Baseball Season

  1. Phillies!!! Love this!

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