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Day 29 and counting…

At the beginning of this year I promised myself that I would write every day, even if it was only a sentence. We are now at day 29 of the New Year and I have far beyond failed to keep up my daily writing challenge. I challenged myself to write so much on the foundation that it would help me get through the internal struggles I’m having. I was always amazed and a tiny bit jealous of the people who could express themselves through art, through drawings and paintings. I wanted that outlet, and I guess you could say writing is an outlet but it’s hard sometimes to find the exact words you are looking for. When I feel something so strongly it literally takes over my whole being, then I can find the words I’m looking for. The words I want to share with others, give to others as advice and help, but most of all they are the words of the truth that I am feeling. This morning I stood in the shower and thought about my writing challenge. International photographer, Jasmine Star, woke me to my empty journal. She, also gave herself a writing challenge. Instead of writing every day for the rest of the year she made a pact with a friend to write every day for the month of January and if you’ve ever read her blog I’m sure you’re as intrigued as I am about what she might have written about this month : ) but more importantly she accomplished her challenge, she fought to find the words even on the days she didn’t think she could. Reading about her challenge has renewed my desire to write every day, even when I can’t find the words, because really what is writing about? It’s about sharing what you know and what you feel. It’s about telling who you are and who you want to be and without that it’s hard to even find yourself in the first place. So after I thought about my writing challenge (and the water in the shower had long lost its warmth) I thought about the beginning of what I was going to write today. Just like that it came to me out of nowhere in the shower on a Saturday morning. So I took it and I kept writing and I ended up with this. I ended up writing, finally, what I was feeling. Tomorrow I may feel differently, but that’s the beauty of writing, it doesn’t have to stay the same. Tomorrow is a new day, a clean sheet of paper and me. I get to choose what I write about and how I feel and if it’s anything like today, well then I’ll be one lucky (awesomely Jasmine inspired) girl 🙂

Every Day Life: Wine or Whine?

Today I’m tired. Not just tired, exhausted.Physically, emotionally, mentally exhausted. Unable to breath without making an effort, only half thinking my way through the day, only half myself. My body is weak and I feel…nothing. So when I can across these pictures I took a few weeks back I thought (yes I actually had a thought today) that they would be the perfect blog post. In a way, I’m whining because I’m so tired but instead of whining maybe I should be wining….what do you think?


Is it possible that I am ALREADY counting down the days until Christmas??? I know its pathetic right? I’m supposed to be waiting anxiously for summer and sun and tanning and ice cream and flip flops…..but instead I’m waiting for stockings and candy canes and christmas trees and gingerbread houses. Most of all I’m waiting for LIGHTS! Christmas lights just light up the streets! There’s something about them that I just love! So here’s a few shots I took before our Christmas lights came down this year. I know they aren’t in focus but when I took these pictures I was thinking that it’s not the shape of the lights that draw us in, it’s the meaning of the lights and the feeling we get when we see them….enjoy an EXTRA EXTRA early Christmas blog!

Child Photography: Meet Little L

Finally, I am blogging! Recently I have left the blogging up to Marisa but today I thought I start out with a blog post of my own! It feels good to be uploading new shots of baby L! Only a month ago I posted some pictures of my soon to be godson just days after he was born. Today I want to share his 1 month old pictures. Nothing formal, just him relaxing at home – (on my favorite couch 🙂 Enjoy!!

Honestly, does it get any cuter then that!?

I swear I wasn’t scaring him – he often has this look 🙂

Every Day Life: Secret Places

Hey, Marisa here again…

Well, we all have our secret place–the place we can go when we feel down–our own little safe haven. When we were children, that place may have been a fort made from blankets and pillows, a treehouse, or even in a closet somewhere with a flashlight reading fairytales. Where ever it was, it always seemed to manage to make us feel better, no matter what the reason. As we get older though, we have fewer and fewer safe havens. We can’t fit in the closet, our treehouse was probably taken down a long time ago, and it would be foolish to build a blanket fort. (Not to mention the fact that we probably couldn’t fit in one.) And although having somewhere to escape everything is a nice, we also now know that hiding for an hour or two won’t make our problems go away. It is definitely important to have somewhere like this, but pretty soon we come to the realization that we can’t solve the problem by ignoring it.

That being said, I thought this was a good picture to include. I took it awhile ago but there’s just something about how calm and serene it looks. It reminds me of a secret garden… a place where grown ups can go to just escape for the time being– a secret place… a safe haven.

Every Day Life: Zodiac Signs

Good news. The change of zodiac signs we’ve been hearing about all over the news is not as true as you may think. Apparently, this same news about the changed zodiac signs due to the shift in constellations goes viral every now and then. But, although it is true that the stars have shifted, our signs haven’t technically changed. According to this article on CNN, you are still the same sign as you always were.

So, read over the article and enjoy to continue being the same zodiac sign you were your entire life. 🙂

What’s your zodiac sign??

Every Day Life: Baseball Season

Hey, Marisa here…

So, I got a Phillies jersey for Christmas this year and it got me thinking about baseball–how fun it is going to games during the summer, and just the excitement of it all. Who doesn’t love baseball season?!

I have to say that this year is going to be an awesome year for baseball… Partly because I happen to be a Phillies fan and the Phillies now have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball history– Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee, and Cole Hamels.

Well anyway, I recently found a poem I wrote last year while cleaning out my closet–about how exciting being at a baseball game can be… particularly a Phillies one. 🙂

A Night at the Phillies
Dressed in red, you pull up to the ballpark
You can feel the surge of excitement in the air around you
To your right, a toddler jumps up and down
Wearing a shirt that says: ‘My Phirst Phillies Game’
You catch the lingering aroma of burgers and franks
A group of college roommates tailgating
You see a swarm of people trying to get through the ticket gates like sand through an hourglass
You head to your seats in anticipation
The first inning begins
The crowd roars and the music starts to play
You hear ‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin and you just know this game is gonna be good
Now it’s the fourth inning
The score—3 to 1, the Phillies are losing
It’s not over yet though
The fifth and sixth inning come and go
Now it’s the seventh
The ball park stands and stretches
Two innings left
Nothings happening in the eighth
You decide to get up and get a cheese-steak
Bottom of the ninth
You hope they can get two more runs just to tie it up
Two men on base
Howard’s up, three balls and two strikes—full count
A 94 mph fastball is released by a nervous pitcher
Your nails are bitten down to the skin
He gets behind that ball and nails it
“It’s outta here!”
Harry Kalas’ voice rings through the ball park
A sea of red and white stands
The crowd goes wild
You scream your lungs out and you know you’ll have no voice tomorrow
Nothing can describe this feeling you have right now
You knew this game was going to be good

Hope you enjoyed the poem 🙂

What’s your favorite baseball team??

Every Day Life: TGIF!!

It’s Friday! Yay! Nothing says “Good morning sunshine” like this little cutie 🙂 Enjoy your day!

Pre-Session Shots

This blog may be the  beginning of a new series or it may not. I recently booked a session with a mom and her daughter. They are very excited! I know the season is going to be hard to work around because it’s not spring yet so nothing is green and blooming and it’s not fall when the leaves are falling and offering the perfect colorful background. So, I tried to think of somewhere I haven’t really taken many pictures and I thought of the lake in Vincentown right off of main street. I headed over to take a few shots of the scenery and what may become the background of my next shoot. I wanted to see what color WAS offered this time of year and HOW the background would fit with the client’s needs/wants. Here’s a few shots, leave a comment and tell me what you think!!

Every Day Life: Happy Monday!

The holidays are over, and like everyone else, it’s back to work for me today. I wanted to start off with something sweet and nothing is sweeter then a *Ferrero Rocher* chocolate! Even the bright gold packaging makes you smile. So Happy Monday friends! Enjoy something sweet today!
What’s your favorite chocolate?