Every Day Life: Christmas. Is. Over.

Christmas. Is. Over. Yes, Christmas lights are still up in the neighborhood, we have a few cookies left, the tree is still standing and a few of us even have a couple more gifts to give out…but I went to get coffee yesterday and the Christmas cups are GONE. You heard me, Starbucks no longer has Christmas cups, no more red and white festive coffee cups and no more holiday specialty drinks, because Christmas. Is. Over. I don’t want to wait another year. I love Christmas. The movies, the cookies, the decorations (although I don’t like putting them up), the people, the feeling, all of it. This year felt less Christmas to me. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe because I didn’t decorate, maybe because it flew by so fast I almost missed it, maybe because I switched jobs, maybe because I made the Christmas cookies a week before Christmas because no one had gotten around to it earlier. And now Christmas is over for another year. Next year I am going to enjoy Christmas like I used to. I’m going to start the cookies early, I’m going to decorate, I’m going to SLOW down so that I don’t almost miss it, I’m going to take it all in from a distance, instead of getting lost in the stress of it. Because Christmas is about family and friends and being grateful. It’s a time to love and laugh, to create memories. If we forget that then we’ve forgotten the most important part of Christmas. I’m not going to forget.
And next year I’ll be in line as soon as Starbucks puts out their Christmas coffee cups, because I want to enjoy the simplicity of a Christmas coffee cup…


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