Every Day Life: Christmas Eve and Cookies

No. I did not make these cookies tonight. I made them last weekend and yes (gasp, hands over your moth, steady yourself on the counter) shockingly there are still some left!! And I promise you I will not make cookies for a good 6 months, due to the fact that I waited. and waited. and waited. and nothing. no cookies. no seasonal cookies. no regular yearly cookies. nothing. nada. So I made cookies and solved that problem…except now I have a new problem….I don’t want to ever make cookies again and I’ve probably gained 5 pounds in the last week alone! But, it’s Christmas and you have to have Christmas cookies or what would Santa have to eat when he came down the chimney??!!  Sooooo I made CHRISTMAS COOKIES!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas 🙂


Recipe for my FAVORITE cookies!


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