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Red Rose Hat – Christmas Pictures

Ava is a returning customer! The first time I scheduled a shoot with Ava’s mom Sam, we went to a little red barn and ended up being hissed at by the ducks! This time we found a quiet little area of Christmas trees! It feels like my own private spot because no one is ever there. We also brought Ava’s daddy along for these photos because he is the king of making little Ava smile!

Oh and P.S. how cute is that red rose hat???

This is such a great out-take!!

Thanksgiving Day (Parade)!

Thanksgiving morning I had to get out of bed at 6:30 AM – not. very. happy. I don’t even get up that early on a work day! But I got up and dressed for the weather because I knew it was going to be a long morning of standing outside. I was at the train station by 7:30 in Philly by 8:00 and shooting by 8:45. Exhausted just thinking about it but it was well worth the 3 hours I stood outside, because how awesome are these floats and costumes?? I can’t even pick a favorite, I love them all!! Take a look for yourself – what’s your favorite?

Isn’t she the cutest??


How AWESOME is this?! I (almost) wish I could be a peddler!

In memory of my grandfather: the world’s greatest mailman 🙂

Can you believe with all the technology now we are NOT living like the Jetsons yet?

….and just for fun because where else do you see a TRASH truck that is this cute??

mmm yummy light! See what happens when I turn my flash off (the first picture) compared to the standard light I get with the flash (the second picture).

Every Day Life: Thanksgiving Eve!

Ok, so maybe I am getting a little ahead of myself with the “Eve” part of this post’s title but I’m just so excited that christmas is coming!! Ok. Ok. Focus Gina. Thanksgiving. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the day when the holiday season really starts, the day for turkey and over-filling your plate, the day for afternoon naps and football games, the day for family and for giving thanks but Thanksgiving is also a day for PARADES! And as unhappy as I am about having to get up at 6:30 AM to attend Philadelphia’s Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade, I am super excited about the photos I am going to get to take! Not only of the parade but of Philly and of my family! So stayed tuned!!
(Sneak Peeks of recent shoots coming soon too!)

Every Day Life – To Do List

Today I am in need of some inspiration. I can’t get out of bed.
This week I was talking to a friend of mine and she said to me. “Its just that life is a series of changes”.  Of course I know that change is ever present but I had forgotten that I love and care with my whole heart and when something does change its not my mind that has to adjust its my heart. Its putting aside my feelings and understanding that just because things change doesn’t always mean that people do. Even so I’ve been tip toeing around myself waiting for a melt down.
And it hasn’t come. Thankfully.
Anyway, as I was saying before I am in need of inspiration. I have a million things to do, I have a clean sheet of paper and some fun color markers to write down the famous “to do list”. There are so many things to write down that I feel like throwing the whole notebook and all of the markers right in the trash. But that’s not adult like. That’s something the kids do when they haven’t gotten their way. So I’ll be an adult and I’ll write my to do list and I’ll (attempt) to get something done.
I’m trying. I swear. But until my mood lifts and I actually do get some of this done I want to leave you with a quote I heard this week, “happiness is a mood, not a destination.” Perfection. Maybe today my mood with turn around and I’ll be a little bit happier once I get to cross OFF the completed tasks.

Every Day Life: Meet Princess

So as usual the very busy schedule of my life is taking over all the time I have. Which means less blogging and I hate that as much as you do. So today before I’m off and running I thought I’d do a real quick fun post of my little sister’s puppy.

Meet princess. And boy is she a PRINCESS or what!! Princess is the newest furry friend in our family. She is hight strung, as small as a pillow and has a VERY loud bark (which almost sounds like a squeak)! She is featuring her pink polka dot collar in these pictures, which is nothing short of the wardrobe my sister has picked out for her!

But I have to say, she is absolutely adorable 🙂

Everyday Life – Early Fall Weekend Away

Finally the long awaited Early Fall Weekend Away is getting blogged! I have been so busy lately with my new schedule and editing photos that I am falling behind on the blog! Anyway, mom and I took a short weekend trip to Wildwood, NJ at the end of September. We did everything from sitting on the beach, to attending a car show and even completing a shoot (yes mom let me take her picture!!) I can’t wait for next September when we can do this again. Enjoy!

I really love this picture of her.

Momma is so adorable!

This is probably one of my favorite shots from that weekend.
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