Little A is ONE Year Old!!

I know, I know.  It. Took. Me. Forever. I had so many pictures to chose from! Little A has become an almost daily part of my life. She is my little “princess” and this is not the first session I have done with her. So after a some-what rough morning with A, mom dressed her up in the tiniest little denim dress I have ever seen and we headed over to the farm. How cute is she??

And THEN came the cake smash! Of course the child who eats ANYTHING you put in from of her would NOT touch the cake. Dad had to give her a spoon and mom had to cut her a piece to get things going! As for the cake I chose the ladybug because even before A was born her theme was ladybugs. So when I saw this cake how could I resist?

Red icing? What was I thinking?! Thank goodness it didn’t stain her skin!

And two more just for fun….. A in her party dress and one last cake shot!


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