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Meet Maddie

Meet Maddie! Little M and I met when I began working at a daycare a few years ago that she attended. Since then M has moved on to be a big kindergartener. Of course I had to ask her awesome mom if I could take a couple shots of M because she is just so stinking cute. Take a look for yourself!


She is just a natural model!

How sweet is she?

Teaser of Miss M

Everyday Life-Happy Idiot

Happy Idiot is a long time running joke in the Fornito household. So when Nanny’s Birthday came around this year I knew I had to get some shots of what happy idiot looks like! If only you could hear what turned her into this…. πŸ™‚

Flowers that her son, Marc gave to her for her birthday

And by-far MY favorite part of the night was the chocolate fudge cake from the cheesecake factory. I happen to LOVE this cake but Nanny does too πŸ™‚

Little A is ONE Year Old!!

I know, I know. Β It. Took. Me. Forever. I had so many pictures to chose from! Little A has become an almost daily part of my life. She is my little “princess” and this is not the first session I have done with her. So after a some-what rough morning with A, mom dressed her up in the tiniest little denim dress I have ever seen and we headed over to the farm. How cute is she??

And THEN came the cake smash! Of course the child who eats ANYTHING you put in from of her would NOT touch the cake. Dad had to give her a spoon and mom had to cut her a piece to get things going! As for the cake I chose the ladybug because even before A was born her theme was ladybugs. So when I saw this cake how could I resist?

Red icing? What was I thinking?! Thank goodness it didn’t stain her skin!

And two more just for fun….. A in her party dress and one last cake shot!

Everyday Life-From Sneakers to Heels

There comes a point in your life when you have to make a difficult decision. Actually, there are a lot of those points in your life. I had one of those points this week. I have been thinking a A LOT about my schedule, between working for two companies and doing photo sessions for my own company I was starting to get STRESSED out. So I evaluated the situation and I decided it was time to let go of the sneakers. This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. I love my co-workers. I love the job. I love how it makes me feel. I don’t want to leave, but I have to. I have to make a change and move on. I have learned so much from this job, from these people. I will forever and eternally be grateful. That place was my home, is my home. I can’t say enough good things, and I can’t explain how heart broken I am that I have to leave.

So here is the big jump from Sneakers….

To Heels…

Let’s Go Seneca! (or should I say Seneca Munchkins?)

Who would believe that it POURED all day!? Cheri and I went back and forth, “should we cancel? Pick another day?” Well we held out until the very last second and look how beautiful the afternoon turned out! Here’s a few of the final proofs – it’s always an adventure with the Giannini kids – but that always makes for the best sessions! I wouldn’t change it for the world πŸ™‚





Among the Apple Trees – R and J

Two of my favorite kiddies. Ryan and Julia are picture perfect, as long as they aren’t giving me a fake smile! So when their mom called and asked me if I would take some pictures of them I didn’t have to hesitate. We headed over to Johnson’s Farm to get a couple shots!

This is my favorite of Julia.

Look at those BLUE eyes!!

And it wouldn’t have been as fun with out Miss Montana. She’s such a sweetheart. How cute is she?

Miss A Teasers

Teasers of Miss A – Check back soon for more adorable shots πŸ™‚

Mini Halloween Session-Orr Kids

Remember the sneak peak? A pair of hand cuffs, an officer hat and a ball and chain. If you guessed two little police officers and one convict you guessed correct! Check out these cute little ones all ready for Halloween (a month early)!

Probably the cutest convict ever.

Out-take 1..

This idea came from Jamie, my assistant for the night!

Out-take 2 of Jack..

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Little C Turns One

Finally I am posting little Carlie! I had the chance to second shoot with Caitlin, from Caitlin Scott Photography, a few weeks ago. This adorable little girl had us smiling the whole time, especially when she dug into that cake!!