Every Day Life – Running For Mom

Well what starting as being my morning off turned into, “mom’s list of ‘to dos’ will take her the rest of the year if I don’t help”. With that said I was sent out at 9:00 AM – (did I mention on my ONLY morning OFF?) with a list of stops to make and things to pick up.

One of those items being dinner. Now I’m sure my mom wrote her list of  ‘to do’ half asleep after a day of  work and chaos, but as I stood in the grocery store looking at her list of things to pick up for dinner, I began to wonder just how serious she was about starving us. (We always complain that there’s no food in the house, which in turn she replies with “then I guess you’ll have to starve”.) So I picked up the phone, for the third time since I’d been out, and when she answered after 3 rings (claiming to know it was me AGAIN) I simply said, “mom are we have vegetarian tacos or did you just forget to put meat on the list”?

Of course she had sent me on a return run to Kohls where – god forbid I go into a store and not buy something – I found the most adorable pink dress for my little princess. Followed by a stop at the party store to pick up a pink feather trimmed party hat! I really shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping.

The final picture I’m going to post is of probably one of the most creative things I’ve seen. On my way home, I took some back roads and just HAD to pull over when I noticed this seemingly small yellow school bus on the side of the road. At a closer glance I reached for my camera and snapped a few shots! Turns out it’s a bus stop complete with a mini bus built out of wood for the kids on the street.

I ended the day with a mini session (Halloween shoot!) Look for previews!

So now that I’ve written all about my day and am not actually getting this blog post up until 11:45 pm, I leave you with some pictures from my Every Day Life! Enjoy!


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