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Every Day Life – Sneak Peek Weekend Getaway

Sneak Peek – Mini (Halloween) Session!!

Colleen sent me a text early day last Wednesday – “When can we do the Halloween pictures?” Halloween! I had forgotten that was on its way already. So in typical Colleen fashion we didn’t waste time (which I love) and scheduled the shoot for Wednesday evening. Here is a quick preview of what’s to come! Can you guess what the kiddies are for Halloween this year? 😉

Every Day Life – Running For Mom

Well what starting as being my morning off turned into, “mom’s list of ‘to dos’ will take her the rest of the year if I don’t help”. With that said I was sent out at 9:00 AM – (did I mention on my ONLY morning OFF?) with a list of stops to make and things to pick up.

One of those items being dinner. Now I’m sure my mom wrote her list of  ‘to do’ half asleep after a day of  work and chaos, but as I stood in the grocery store looking at her list of things to pick up for dinner, I began to wonder just how serious she was about starving us. (We always complain that there’s no food in the house, which in turn she replies with “then I guess you’ll have to starve”.) So I picked up the phone, for the third time since I’d been out, and when she answered after 3 rings (claiming to know it was me AGAIN) I simply said, “mom are we have vegetarian tacos or did you just forget to put meat on the list”?

Of course she had sent me on a return run to Kohls where – god forbid I go into a store and not buy something – I found the most adorable pink dress for my little princess. Followed by a stop at the party store to pick up a pink feather trimmed party hat! I really shouldn’t be allowed to go shopping.

The final picture I’m going to post is of probably one of the most creative things I’ve seen. On my way home, I took some back roads and just HAD to pull over when I noticed this seemingly small yellow school bus on the side of the road. At a closer glance I reached for my camera and snapped a few shots! Turns out it’s a bus stop complete with a mini bus built out of wood for the kids on the street.

I ended the day with a mini session (Halloween shoot!) Look for previews!

So now that I’ve written all about my day and am not actually getting this blog post up until 11:45 pm, I leave you with some pictures from my Every Day Life! Enjoy!

Goodmorning Monday!

It’s Monday morning again and if you dislike Monday mornings as much as I do you need something to brighten it up! Here’s a sneak peek of Little C. Enjoy!

Meet the C Family

Meet the C Family! When I first got the e-mail for this shoot I was super excited and nervous at the same time. A few months ago I did a shoot for the Cleaver family. Right off the bat Heather told me, “My husband and I don’t want to be in it, we just want the 6 kids and the puppy”. So with the help of Marisa and Heather I managed to get some pretty great shots, but when I read the email from this new C family they informed me that they wanted me to come alone. I was skeptical because I usually bring help, but agreed to do the shoot. Did those kids prove me wrong or what!! They were great, right down to the baby! (even when she was crying, it looked adorable). So here are a few teasers! Enjoy!

The C Family is also featured right now as our blog header!!

Welcome to Bella Life Photography’s New Blog!

Welcome to the new blog! We are working on getting things up and running so stay tuned!