Every Day Life | Understanding The Message

Today I just want to simply share messages that we should be living by every day.

*Also, if you would be so kind to say a quick prayer my grandmother will be undergoing surgery today*


Cake Smash | South Jersey Photographer

Happy First Birthday to Madi!! I am SO excited that I got to spend a few hours with these two girls on Saturday! You may remember them from back in October when they had a family session  on an adorable farm : ) This past week Madi turned one so on Saturday we headed out to the lake around the corner from their house and then set a cake in front of Madi to eat as she pleased! Reilly jumped in for a few as well!


Don’t you LOVE that hair?! 2013-04-15_0004 2013-04-15_0005 2013-04-15_0006 2013-04-15_0008 2013-04-15_0009 2013-04-15_0010 2013-04-15_0014

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Every Day Life | Soaking Up The Sun

I sat on the beach today and closed my eyes. The wind blew recklessly, blowing my hair in all directions. I took a deep breath and held it in… then slowly let it out like a wisher from my lips. I felt the brief moments of sun on my face as it soaked into my skin. I slipped my shoes off and dug my feet into the sand. I could smell the salt water and almost touch summer. I opened my eyes, water glistening in front of me, I found a shell in the sand and moved it in circular motion next to me. I squinted, even through my sunglasses at the scene in front of me, wondering how we get to a point in our lives where we don’t understand ourselves. How can we be so on target and then wake up the next day falling off a cliff?

It was windy, I should have brought a jacket but the fact that I didn’t seemed to fit right in. I got in the car this morning and drove until I got to the beach. Then I sat on the beach today by myself trying to remember how to breath. Trying to focus on something, anything that would make me feel better. Until I remembered that I can make myself feel better. I am the keeper of my own happiness. We all have hard days and we all struggle sometimes but that’s when we need to stop.. and breath… 

and enjoy a few hours on the beach soaking up the sun : )

*Don’t mind the iPhoneography*

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Family Photography | The C Family

Meet the C family! They stuck it out through the chill in the morning air on Saturday and we got some great shots! They were just the cutest family ever and I enjoyed every minute of their session!! Check out some of my favorites : )

2013-04-06_0001 2013-04-07_0001 2013-04-07_0002 2013-04-07_0003 2013-04-07_0004 2013-04-07_0005 2013-04-07_0006 2013-04-07_0007 2013-04-07_0008 2013-04-07_0009 2013-04-07_0010 2013-04-07_0011 2013-04-07_0012 2013-04-07_0013 2013-04-07_0014 2013-04-07_0015 2013-04-07_0016 2013-04-07_0017 2013-04-07_0018 2013-04-07_0019 2013-04-07_0020 2013-04-07_0021 2013-04-07_0022 2013-04-07_0023

Newborn Photographer | Giana

Meet Giana! Giana is Vinny’s new little sister! I have now been photographing this family since Vinny was born over a year ago and I am so grateful I get to watch them grow. It’s SUCH a compliment to a photographer when we get to photograph client’s special moments in life : ) Oh and just as a  heads up this is going to be a long post since I couldn’t decide on my favorites!!

2013-04-03_0001 2013-04-04_0001 2013-04-04_0002 2013-04-04_0003 2013-04-04_0004 2013-04-04_0005 2013-04-04_0006 2013-04-04_0007 2013-04-04_0008 2013-04-04_0009 2013-04-04_0010 2013-04-04_0011 2013-04-04_0012 2013-04-04_0013 2013-04-04_0014 2013-04-04_0015 2013-04-04_0016 2013-04-04_0017 2013-04-04_0018 2013-04-04_0019 2013-04-04_0020 2013-04-04_0021 2013-04-04_0022 2013-04-04_0023 2013-04-04_0024 2013-04-04_0025 2013-04-04_0026 2013-04-04_0027 2013-04-04_0028 2013-04-04_0029 2013-04-04_0030

Event Photographer | Shae’s Sweet 16

This past Friday was Shae’s sweet 16 party! Complete with candy bar and disco ball! After a sit down dinner Shae and her friends danced the night away!

Venue: The Links Golf Club


Photography: Bella Life Photography

2013-04-02_0001 2013-04-02_0002 2013-04-02_0003 2013-04-02_0004 2013-04-02_0005 2013-04-02_0006 2013-04-02_0007 2013-04-02_0008 2013-04-02_0009 2013-04-02_0010 2013-04-02_0011

Free Write | Happiness

I’m starting this month off right. I’m retraining my brain. I’m CHOOSING to be happy. We hear so many times that we’re only given one life to live and we take that with a grain of salt and throw it over our shoulder. Instead we should be hearing the actual severity of that statement and bringing it to light. We really do only have ONE life to live. to live. those two words are so incredibly important.

It is one thing to exist in life but it is another to live it. How we look at things, how we respond to things. How we hear and believe things makes all the difference.

Who we are and who we become is up to us. We get to make that call. We get to choose that path. We get to write that story. How it begins may not have been our choice but where it goes from here we get to determine all for ourselves.

Be grateful for what you have. Be consistently happy with where you’re going. Strive to make yourself better every day.

And guess what? One day you’ll wake up so happy, you’ll forget how to feel any other way.

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Writing From the Past

There are days I finally feel comfortable in my surroundings. There are moments I think everything has finally fallen into place. And there are seconds when anger sets in only to be replaced momentarily with a threatening brim of water in my eyes.

I am tired. Tired of broken promises, tired of replaced plans, tired of being left in the dust. And so you say, do something about it! So I do, and again I face those broken promises, replaced plans and a ball of dust in my face.

Maybe I’m the common factor in this equation? I really thought I was doing better. I really thought I was facing my struggles. I really thought I had friends who cared.

But tonight I faced those same broken promises, replaced plans and a ball of dust in my face. I struggled with momentary anger followed by a threatening brim of water in my eyes, and I wondered, why am I not good enough? What does everyone else have that I don’t?

And this feeling of utter loneliness crept in and decided to stay the night. And if I’m lucky it will leave in the morning. There are no promises though, and if there were I probably wouldn’t believe them anyway.

So I ask myself again, why am I not good enough? What does everyone else have that I don’t? Is my heart only made for breaking?

If you find the answers be a dear and pass them along. I’ll be waiting.

Every Day Life | TGIF

Thank the good lord it’s Friday! For some Friday fun I’m posting a few things from my “All things fun” board on pinterest! To see the full board click here!

For all of us on the east coast who are dying for SUMMER, who doesn’t want a pool like this in their backyard??


How ridiculous is it that I am completely smitten with the idea of a bookshelf staircase?! Come on people!

c74f301b2cf2094651e1364558bf1ad7This one is for the photog friends! Just tell me when and where I get one!


No explanation needed.
46d2a946bb8edc3e01c6b62d0f1eea4dLoser. Is that what you’re thinking when you see this?! Not me, it’s totally adorable, although I can’t decide what’s better the coffee mug or the ice cream container?

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And…well because who doesn’t like FRIENDS, here’s a menu idea for your next dinner party! 7458666aefca09a66d83de501ee0b352


Happy Friday! Have a fabulous weekend friends : )




American Girl Fashion Show | South Jersey Event Photographer

Two weekends ago J and I shot the American Girl Fashion Show with The Ronald McDonald House of Southern New Jersey!! This was my third time shooting the show and each year gets better and better!! It is such a great cause and the girls have so much fun! Find out more information about the Ronald House of SJ here

2013-03-19_0001 2013-03-19_0002 2013-03-19_0003 2013-03-19_0004